Clear for Mac Launches With Lower Price Through Monday

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Apr 12, 2001

    Last week, RealMac announced that its popular to-do app Clear was coming to the Mac, complete with iCloud syncing between the iOS and desktop clients. However, a number of commenters expressed concern with the planned $14.99 price point for the app.

    RealMac Software has heard those voices and priced Clear for Mac at $6.99 through Monday, and then $9.99 for some amount of time after that. Eventually, the price will rise to the planned $14.99.

    Clear for Mac is currently $6.99 on the Mac App Store. [Direct Link]

    Clear for iPhone is $1.99 on the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Clear for Mac Launches With Lower Price Through Monday
  2. MacDawg macrumors P6


    Mar 20, 2004
    "Between the Hedges"
    Nice app and interface
    Totally and completely overpriced, even at the entry point
  3. deannnnn macrumors 68000


    Jun 4, 2007
    New York City & South Florida
    The launch day price is still $5 too high. I'll pass.
  4. KevinMHC macrumors member

    Nov 5, 2012
    whats so good about this app? it looks hella ugly and it works like any other typical to do app
  5. Corrode macrumors 6502a


    Dec 26, 2008
    Calgary, AB
    Is it just me or does the Reminders app for iOS/Mac do the exact same thing for free?
  6. farmermac macrumors 6502a

    Jul 23, 2009
    How is this any better then notes? Notes interface is even better and free
  7. Snookerman macrumors 6502

    Jul 6, 2008
    So to get syncing, which is a feature they market heavily for this app, you need to pay for both the OS X version and the iOS version? That's $9* for something that reminders does for free.

    *Edit: unless you buy it later, in which case it's $17...
  8. Simplicated macrumors 65816


    Sep 20, 2008
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    This app is severely lacking in features. I still wonder how it's gained that much traction and attention.
  9. petrucci666 macrumors 6502a

    Apr 30, 2009
    San Francisco, CA
    You're right, it does. I used Clear on my iPhone but realized this can done with the Reminders app which also has time/location alerts. Much better and built right in so no need for this app. Plus it's completely overpriced!
  10. BrockC macrumors regular

    Jun 18, 2012
    I cannot believe they ever asked $14.99 for this app. That's pretty insane if you ask me. Reminders works just fine for me. :p
  11. emt1 macrumors 65816

    Jan 30, 2008
  12. DJAKO macrumors 6502a

    Sep 8, 2006
    You're a fool if you believe that.
  13. ichris2 macrumors member

    Jun 20, 2007

    Show me a business model that starts off with a low price and gradually raises it on a product with unlimited supply?

    I tried this app...the interface sucks. It's easy to accidentally move and delete items.

    As previously mentioned the the native Apple app does what this one does for free and better.
  14. niewiesznic macrumors regular


    Oct 25, 2009
    17$ ? 6$ at lower price. Forget about it.
    I use Clear for iOS, but I will move to native iOS app, because of location service.
    Also, Clear for iOS is not working with my iCloud, saying documents is not enabled, or iCloud is not enabled. It is enabled.
    The app is only for 10.8.2. I wont buy 10.8 until next year when it would be safe to move my pro apps to this system, many users will do the same.
    On the other hand, I wish native iOS app would have the interface of Clear or Clear with location service.
  15. QCassidy352 macrumors G3


    Mar 20, 2003
    Bay Area
    Overpriced! You get so much more with 2do. And maybe someday apple will make reminders even somewhat competitive...
  16. dav146 macrumors regular


    Dec 21, 2007
    I use this app all the time on my phone.

    I have paid for the version for my macbook - so now my missus can update the shopping list on the fly and I can ensure that I get everything she is after without the need for a dozen phonecalls while i am in Tesco / Asda.

    It has its uses for me - so I bought it.
  17. kralnor macrumors member

    May 29, 2012
    It meets all the criteria for success in Mac/iOS land

    1. It looks pretty
    2. It is way too expensive
    3. It has a cool sounding name that doesn't really have a whole lot to do with the app's function
    4. It's lacking many features of the competition
  18. TypeEE macrumors member

    Jun 10, 2009
    You can tell this app paid top notch for marketing. It went to top download on iOS when no one knows what it is, then it sank to no where after 2 weeks in the app store chart. When they release the mac version, they again pay different website to market their app.
  19. CodeBreaker macrumors 6502

    Nov 5, 2010
    Sea of Tranquility
    My free setup which is everything I need:

    On iOS: Siri + Reminders
    ^ ^ ^ ^
    | | | |
    | | | |
    v v v v
    On OS X: Reminders + a little app I made to quickly add Reminders (which works with Dictation)
  20. JAT macrumors 603

    Dec 31, 2001
    Mpls, MN
    You think an app will "fix" your woman?
  21. firewood macrumors 604

    Jul 29, 2003
    Silicon Valley
    Other than look nicer, what does Clear do that Reminders doesn't?
  22. Xano macrumors member

    Jun 10, 2011
    Pricing it is always tricky for a company on software development.
    Even simple and minimalist apps are tricky to build.
    So i will not judge the work behind it, I believe there is a lot of work and the staff need to be paid.

    The main questions here is; "i will not pay $6.99 for an app who don't offer nothing new."

    Give us something really new, because already exist much (better/functionality) and free in the app store.
    Why I should pay when I already have better options out here?

    At the moment (like millions of Mac users), I became very selective on my purchases.

    Think about it!
  23. /V\acpower macrumors 6502a

    Jul 31, 2007
    At 6.99$ the app is already way too expensive. 2.99$ max for an app like that.

    I have the app on my iPhone, eventually uninstalled it. Really reminders is enough for me.
  24. k2director macrumors regular

    Jan 2, 2006
    Reminders is very clunky, interface wise.


    * Reminders can't re-arrange the order of tasks without hitting the "Edit" button first. Then you can drag your tasks around, and then have to hit the "Done" button. Three clicks minimum to rearrange the order of a task, while Clear does it in one single click.

    * Reminders "+" button is not very responsive (to add a new task). Often, I have to hit it a couple times to get it to create a new task entry. Clear does this with a simple, reliable drag of your thumb.

    * Reminders places all new tasks at the bottom of your list, but when you launch the app, it shows you the top of your list, so you can't see the tasks you just entered until scrolling down. Clear enters new tasks at the top of the list, where you can see them and decide how to order them without unnecessary scrolling. Also, Clear lets you insert a new task at any position in a task list with a simple reverse-pinch. With Reminders, it takes several steps to do that.


    Similar differences between the desktop apps as well. Plus, Reminders Desktop doesn't sync immediately with the iPhone app. You sometimes have to quit Reminders and then relaunch to make it sync. We'll see how the Clear Mac app does on the synching account...

    THE ONLY advantage Reminders has over its competition, in my view, is that you can speak Reminders/Remembers right into Siri. Wish Apple would let other developers use that functionality.
  25. syd430 Guest

    I don't use clear but I will say that Reminders is POS. Try using the monstrosity that is the Reminders web app (iCloud) if you use windows. It's the most ugly POS you will come across (its literally the ios app blown up to fit your monitor) with even less functionality than the crippled ill-thought-out ios version. It's embarrassingly laughable.

    IMO the only 2 serious contenders are RTM (if you need access via a windows browser), or Things if you use mac.

    Omnifocus is also only worth it if youre hardcore about strict GTC, which I and most other normal people are not.

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