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Mar 1, 2001
So thats what it looks like..

I always wondered what my G4 would look like if I could see thru the plastic. It reminds me of a TiBook case dipped in the same plastic as the Cube. Doesn't that do sumthin' to the warranty?


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Aug 26, 2000

The clear case is a proto of the G4 tower case. They made it clear to be more cost effective. I have taken pictures of one at apple computer. Just email me if you want me to email it to you.



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Jul 24, 2001
Does anybody know if the side panels of the Power Mac G4 are of the same material as the top and bottom panels of the new iBook? I'd love to make the side panels of my G4 transparent, excepting the Apple logos.


Jun 4, 2000
Alexandria, VA
RinSxi: Apple makes clear prototypes of bascially everything (as do creators of other, like products) so that structural stress cracks, issues can be seen throughout the item before the opaque versions are produced. It has nothing to do with cost.



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May 9, 2001
It is not my type at list

I do not like clear sutff, I have plenty confidence in Apple industrial designers until now. I like the G4 better than the G3 enclosure. The G3 I would painted black in any case under the clear plastic, that would be nice, but not the aluminun only, it turs too boring and is not very creative.

A friend of mine sold his G3 to some other guy telling him it had the new G4 chip with system 10 just because he changed the desk top design in to a Batman forever like (that was about 8 months ago).

How does people find those clients?

Some Guy

IR Port!!

No one seemed to notice there was a IR port on the front of the prototype G3!

Damn that would be better than buying this crappy Din-9 serial base with my Palm PDA, then buying a serial adaptor and hoping that it keeps working through System updates.

The Visor Edge base unit looks pretty slick, though I bet it has a HUGE power brick, as if I have infinite electrical outlet space. And now I digress...

Say what you want about Apple and innovation, but damn the stuff they DONT release is probably more impressive then their retail products!
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