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Apr 12, 2012
Not sure if this question's been asked before, seems like it would but nothing came up for me.

ANYWAY, I got a clear Speck SeeThru case for my MBP for my birthday, and after a day and a half of use, I'm not crazy about it. It looks and feels cheap, scratches were showing up the minute I took it out of the package, it's heavy and cumbersome, heat's getting trapped, and the battery check button is pretty much useless unless I jam my fingernail in there with plenty of force. TL;DR: I'm thinking of returning it and getting a clear skin, probably a BestSkinsEver like I have on my iPhone.

Do you think this is a smart move, or will I end up regretting it? I know you can't speak for me, but I've been pretty damn careful with my MBP for the 3 or so weeks I've had it, but I can't stand the thought own getting the slightest scratch on it. Has anyone else tried a skin? Do you think this is enough protection? Thanks.


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Feb 4, 2011
New York
Honestly, it's probably the best protection that you can get for the MBP. It will protect your macbook from all scratches. It does add extra thickness and weight but not much. As for heat dissipation, the cutouts in the bottom are supposed to help but doesn't do much. Instead it gathers up dust which you need to clean out monthly or else it starts to erode away at the aluminum and you end up with tiny black spots.

I've never used a skin before either but just ordered one for my rMBP. I'm usually pretty careful with my macs and I think it should protect it just fine. Only concern I had was that some skins don't come for the sides of the macbook. So make sure you get a full body one that protects the sides as well, or else you are bound to get scratches on the corners.

I would say it's good enough, but not better than speck case.


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Aug 6, 2011
if your worried about scratches but think you will be able to avoid drops or dents then I'd say go for the skin.


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Apr 6, 2007
I'm personally against any skin for aesthetic reasons. I don't see the point in covering a thin, elegant design with an ugly scuba suit. I feel the same way about my amazing svelte smartphone. I just try to be careful with them and enjoy how they're made.

Maybe if I were at university and carrying it with me everywhere all the time I'd feel differently since there's a much higher risk. I do believe in using a good quality bag to travel with.

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