Clearing out storage (system takes 60%)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by espegelan, Dec 19, 2018.

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    Feb 10, 2015

    I've already read a large amount of forum posts about "System" holding up a large part of the storage, and I've tried every tip I found so far. But most posts and articles blames High Sierra and the Time Machine issue.

    Skjermbilde 2018-12-19 kl. 11.29.30.png

    I'm running the latest Mojave 10.14.2 on a mid 2015 MacBook pro. My time machine has just backed up, and I've deleted the local snapshots right after the backup. So at least I don't think it's Time Machine making the issue. I've also been through the User Library folder to look for unusually large folders, with no luck.

    I have to partition my mac with bootcamp, so I need as much space I can get. Any tip of how to clear up "System" would be highly valued. Would it for example help to format the hard disc (really don't want to do that).

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    Download and run OmniDiskSweeper:

    She won't win any awards for prettiest application, but it does a very simple breakdown of what's taking up space on your machine. Can you screenshot the results before deleting anything please, just so I can ensure it's safe to delete? :)
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    Sorry, forgot to do any screenshots, but this was a great tip! Thank you! I'm using a lot of Adobe software, and that have really taken a lot of cache space! Adobe Lightroom, an app I uninstalled a long time ago, had 87Gb of cache alone! Unbelievable..
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    Also try DiskWave:
    (it's free)

    Once you have it, open it.
    Go to preferences and set normally-invisible files to be visible.

    It will show you what is using the most space.

    Do you use Time Machine?
    Could the problem be with "local backups" or "local snapshots"?

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