Clearing some confusion on Macbook and GMA950

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by DavidC1, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Hi, I am a new member in this forum, and I thought I might respond to a thread I read in this forum.

    As people know, Apple's low end computers using Intel Core Duo processors use Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 for graphics. It is integrated, and the performance is nowhere near fantastic, but let me clear one thing that people don't seem to be clear on.

    There was a discussion here where people found out the GMA950 on the laptop, the MacBook was at 250MHz, and were trying to get information how to clock to 400MHz. It says even on Intel's site:

    that the 3D core clock of the GMA950 is 400MHz!!! Now is having 250MHz GMA950 on the MacBook mean its underclocked for lower heat and improved battery life??

    Certainly not.

    The difference lies in the fact that the GMA950 with 400MHz core is used in desktop chipsets, while the GMA950 with 250MHz core is used in mobile chipsets. Even Intel seems to be confused on what the actual graphics frequency is, but after searching more at Intel's site and also google, it came to me that the core clock of the graphics is indeed different.

    This difference will be also there in Crestline, which is the code-name for the chipset in Santa Rosa, the chipset and platform meant for Merom.

    Mobile Intel chipset integrated graphics core frequency.
    852GM(low-cost chipset meant for Pentium 4-M, the true mobile P4): 133MHz
    855GM(integrated graphics part for Pentium M): 200MHz
    855GME(improved version of 855GM): 266MHz

    915GM(supported by Pentium M with 533MHz bus, the Dothan 533): 200MHz
    915GMS(low-power small device size chipset for Pentium M ULV): 133MHz
    910GML(low-cost chipset for Pentium M and Celeron M): 133MHz

    945GM(Core Duo chipset): 250MHz
    945GMS(low-power small device Pentium M/Core Duo ULV chipset): 166MHz
    940GML(low-cost chipset for Pentium M/Celeron M chipset): 166MHz

    The relative performance of 915G(not the 915GM with 200MHz core clock, but 915G with 333MHz core clock) performs around equal to Radeon 9100 IGP, and the 945G is ~20% faster than 915G.
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    Hi David - Welcome to the forums. It's usually best to respond to a thread directly in the thread itself, rather than starting a new one. That way, people can follow the whole conversation.
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    I couldn't really find the thread, sorry about that.
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    No worries, the information was much appreciated! :)
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    Great explanation!

    Welcome, and hopefully you can stick around long enough to provide more of these great responses.

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