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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by pupukea, Jan 24, 2015.

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    I only have 5.9 Gb of free space and my macbook air hesitates to start up - so I deleted 37 Gb of movies from iTunes and it still shows as stored =. Also showing 34 Gb of other data … how do I clear up space - delete the movies and other data?

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    When you delete from itunes you need to make sure you clicked move items to trash and not, keep in itunes media folder. When you have selected that then it moves it to your trash so you then need to empty your trash to remove the files and get your disk space back.

    Download and an application called Disk Inventory X. Ir will scan your harddrive and show you the files that use the most space.
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    Step 1: Backup Drive
    Buy an external USB 3.0 drive you can store backups on. Preferably 1TB minimum.
    Back up with Time Machine, and then eject and unplug the drive.
    Go ham and delete applications you don't need/use, old files. If you ever need a file you're missing, just grab it off your Time Machine backup.

    Step 2: Cloud Storage
    Find documents you no longer are currently using, but need to save.
    Drag and Drop them into your iCloud Drive in Organized Folders. Spotlight will help you find them.

    Step 3: Uninstall old apps
    Find applications you don't need and get rid of them. Open Applications, and move old apps to trash.

    Step 4: CCleaner
    Download and install Piriform's Ccleaner. You may have to allow the 3rd party app to run. If it doesn't open, then go to System Preferences > Security and click 'Allow anyway'.
    Once you open the program, just uncheck items you don't want to lose (such as cookies for Safari/Chrome/FF). You will have to log in to your websites again, just so you know.

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