Clearing up the Yellow Screen Misconceptions

Discussion in 'iPad' started by redman042, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Here's what I know about the yellow screen issue. First, everyone has a strong opinion but in my experience most people only know part of the story but they tell it as though it's the only answer, which is false. I would like to help clear this up once and for all. I'm not an expert but my opinions here are backed by my own experience and research online.

    From my research, there are two types of yellow screen issues (bring up an all white screen on your iPad, such as a blank document or paint canvas, to tell which you have):

    1. Glue that hasn't fully cured yet. This creates UNEVEN yellow tinting, ie. spots in certain places or areas along the edge that look yellow while the rest of the screen doesn't. Give it time and this will supposedly go away in a week or two.

    2. A yellow tint across the entire screen that's completely even. Or put differently, it's a warmer color tone on the display. Try going to a desktop computer monitor and changing the Color Temperature setting to a warmer setting, and you'll get the same effect on your computer screen. It's not an "abnormal" look, it's just a different look. Some people prefer it. Supposedly it creates more natural looking photos. But white web pages look a bit off.

    My understanding on issue #2 is that Apple sources LCD panels from two different suppliers and one supplier uses a warmer color balance (yellowish) and the other uses a cooler color balance (blueish). This happened on the iPad 1 and it seems to be happening on the 2 as well. These seem to be sold in batches, and people will report buying two devices and one is cool while the other is warm. Some people who buy warm ones will return it several times only to keep getting more warm ones. It all depends on where the shipments of each end up.

    I have seen this myself. I bought an iPad 1 shortly after launch and it has a cool color tone. I bought my wife one last Christmas and it is warm. It's clearly more yellow, but you do get used to it, and in some ways it is better. But I prefer cool. My wife doesn't care so she kept the warm one.

    Unfortunately, iPads do not have color temperature settings to allow you to tweak it to your liking. But Apple has a generous return policy so I think it is likely they will swap your warm iPad for a cool one if you want. Though you may have to wait a while until the Apple stores build up their stocks of replacement units.

    Just know that a warm display is not "defective" (this is my opinion but I've seen and read about a large number of both types out there), it is just a different variation. It does surprise me though that Apple stays silent about this and allows this level of variation in their products.
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    Good post. I think you have summed it up correctly. What people probably don't realize is that the 'warmer' tint on some screens is probably more accurate in terms of true white and actual display/video standards. A correctly calibrated TV will always be set to a warm color temp.

    I have an iPad 2 and it looks to have the cooler/bluer white and I am actually a bit bummed. My iPhone 4 has a much warmer screen tone and I like it a little better. Not a big deal by any means, but noticeable.
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    I'm in the opposite camp. I just got an iPad 2 and was relieved to find that it had the cooler screen. But all the previous iOS devices I've had also had cooler screens. So perhaps that's just what I'm used to.
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    Good summary. I bought a ipad 2 on launch day that developed a white dime sized blotch on the LCD. Found another ipad 2 at BB yesterday and bought it. Before returning my defective one, I compared the screens and the first one was a "cool" LCD, while my new one is the "warm" LCD. Don't really know which I prefer. I was happy with the first one except for the LCD problem. Strange how they can't all be the same.

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