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    Conquer planets and mine resources in galaxies throughout the universe with a simple tap and drag of your finger! Click and Conquer: Space Age is an addicting clicker / idle / incremental game that features an incredible amount of depth, strategy, collectables, upgrades, achievements, and of course, tapping.

    Set in the infinite vacuum of space, begin the game with just one weak ship, but quickly tap your way to an infinite amount of wealth, power, and numerous ally ships to aid you in your efforts. Put your dexterity to the test in the fast-paced conquest mode to defeat your enemies and conquer planets for idle income. When the game slows down, Prestige to reset your game for a huge reward that will allow you to progress further and quicker than before.

    • Infinite gameplay. Constantly progress further and further on each play-through!
    • Offline progress! No internet connection required, and continue earning coins when the game is closed.
    • Conquer increasingly defended planets to earn an idle gold income and stars for upgrades. Drag your finger to fire at enemies while avoiding their shots in this arcade style space shooter.
    • Explore resource planets and tap as fast as you can to manually collect gold and gems.
    • Upgrade your ships' damage, health, and skills in the Workshop to make them more and more powerful.
    • 100 unique permanent Tech Cards that effect and benefit you in every aspect of the game, from tapping to idling to conquering.
    • 8 unique powerful Blueprints to collect and level up that will benefit you in various parts of the game.
    • Prestige to earn and collect Tech Cards and Blueprints, allowing you to push further next time.
    • Traverse through asteroid fields and destroy any in your path for bonus resources!
    • Work your way up to owning all 20 ally ships, and let their skills and power benefit you in battle!
    • Each ship has powerful bonus skills to level up.
    • Play every day for an increasingly better daily reward!
    • Strive to complete achievements to earn huge rewards.
    • Impressive, space-themed graphics and setting.
    • Nice sounds and music.

    Preview Pictures
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    - iPhone 4 or higher
    - iOS 7 or higher

    App Store Link
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    Sep 11, 2014
    v1.12 Changes
    Released 6/6/2016

    This update is focused on speeding up the game, increasing idle income, and saving your poor little fingers from so much tapping!

    - New "Extraction Bots" Tech Card to auto-tap for you while at a resource extraction planet.
    - New "Automation" Blueprint to auto-tap for you while at a resource extraction planet.
    - New "Lucky Blast" Tech Card to raise the chance for bonus experience from tapping.
    - New "Familiarity" Tech Card to increase the bonus experience earned from a 'Lucky Blast'.
    - New "Fast Track" Blueprint to increase the bonus experience earned from a 'Lucky Blast'.
    - New "Enhanced Engines" Tech Card to decrease the time it takes for Patrol Squads to conquer new planets for extra idle income.
    - Completely reworked Patrol Squads to be much more valuable by having them constantly increase your gold / sec as they conquer new planets on their own, rather than simply reward you bulk coins every once in a while.
    - Rebalanced Galactica's upgrade cost to be slightly cheaper, especially as it reaches a higher level where the game slows down and the upgrade isn't really worth the cost anymore.
    - Rebalanced enemy ship stats to not increase so dramatically at higher levels when everything else in the game slows down.
    - Significantly increased the stars earned from conquering.
    - Lowered the requirements needed for many of the Achievements.
    - Various minor bug fixes.
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    Sep 11, 2014
    Update v1.21 is now available in the App Store. Please update your games and let me know what you think of the changes. As always, all feedback and suggestions are welcome [​IMG]

    App Store link:

    Visit the Subreddit:

    List of Changes
    - Three completely new bosses with difficult unique attack styles added into the boss battle rotation. Also, one of the old bosses attack style changed.
    - Changed the "Captain" boss battle to work as follows: boss comes in for 10 seconds, then if you don't kill him in time, he retreats and sends in 5 reinforcements, which you must kill all of before the boss comes back in, and then repeats this over and over.
    - Fixed the LY Prestige requirement to only go up by +1 after each Prestige. This allows you to push as far as you want before Prestiging without facing any repercussions.
    - New Tech "Loyal Support" - upgrades random Patrol Squad's levels for free immediately after a Prestige to get things off to a quicker start each time.
    - New Blueprint "Rollover" - same as Loyal Support Tech.
    - New Blueprint "Hardened Hulls" - increase chance to absorb an enemy missile without taking damage.
    - New Blueprint "Split Seekers" - increase chance for your missiles to bounce off an enemy and seek towards a different one nearby.
    - Added a random Tech Card reward (common, uncommon, or rare only) to the video ad reward rotation.
    - Increased the amount of resources you get for IAPs in the Workshop.
    - Various minor bug fixes and aesthetic changes.
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    Sep 11, 2014
    MASSIVE v1.3 update is coming soon!

    There are seriously way too many new things to list, but here are the MAJOR new features:
    - Normal, Hard, and Challenge mode conquer battles for greater rewards
    - Alien Schematics and Foreign Materials (new prestige resource/rewards)
    - Side missions
    - New boss battles
    - Tons of new Tech Cards and Blueprints
    - Countless other minor features, benefits, aesthetic changes, and bug fixes
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    Sep 11, 2014
    v1.30 is now available!

    **** HUGE Update! ****
    - Conquer difficulty levels with increased rewards.
    - Side missions for quick rewards!
    - Alien Schematics - a new Prestige mechanic / reward. Earn Foreign Materials from Prestige which you can then use to purchase random Alien Schematics.
    - A few new Tech Cards and Blueprints.
    - Significantly increased asteroid rewards.
    - Removed the 100 level max.
    - Countless other minor improvements and bug fixes.
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    Sep 11, 2014
    Most Recent Update (v1.40 - Oct 4, 2016)

    Update v1.40 is now available in the App Store. Please update your games!

    App Store link:


    List of Changes
    This is a fairly large update where I hoped to have changed conquer battles for the better, removed all "large number lag", and changed up some UI stuff.

    - Completely reworked Conquer battles. There is no longer different types of battles for specific LYs. Rather, there is a boss at the end of every round now, and you must earn a certain amount of "kill points" before the boss spawns.
    - Significantly improved the algorithm behind extremely large numbers, so lag should be pretty nonexistent now.
    - Changed up the Workshop and Patrol screens to not "expand" and "collapse". Each ship's upgrades are now always visible.
    - The ships you use in conquer battles are now saved so you don't need to reselect them each time.
    - Significantly improved the power of the Gold and Star Accumulator Alien Schemas and raised their max level to 10.
    - Raised the "Idle Arms" Blueprint max level to 5, so you can tap more without actually tapping!
    - Added a few new achievements and raised the number of "levels" of achievements.
    - Added a mini tutorial for new players.
    - Fixed iPad rotation issues where the screen would get really messy for some players.
    - Improved the Tech Card IAP packs to give you more Tech Cards.
    - Few aesthetic changes.

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