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Nov 20, 2008
...if and when the Classic is EOL'ed, do you think you will ever buy another iPod?

As I sit here with Apple's three finest iPods--the iPod mini, the 5G nano, and the most current classic which I bought after release in '09, I realize I haven't bought an iPod in over two years, and nothing they have appeals to me, except the Classic which I already have. Barring an update to the Classic, I don't see myself buying another iPod. I have an iPhone 4S which I love, but truth be told I hate touch screens. I had the original iPod touch back when iOS and touch screens were brand new and it was the cow's teets for six months, then I realized the touch was just a hassle, it fell out of favor, and I sold it and never looked back.

I'm dying to get excited over an iPod again, but Apple hasn't delivered since 2009.

Those of you who hate touch screens, do you think you'll ever buy another iPod after the click wheel? I have a feeling I'll be looking into battery replacements for the ones I have instead when they wear out.


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Oct 19, 2010
Hello Puma1552,

I own almost every iPod to date, starting way back from the iPod mini, then I went to the nano 2g, nano 3g, nano 4g, got both shuffles... I also own a iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

I hardly touch any of my iPods these days as I carry around my iPhone which does absolutely everything, however there are days that I do miss carrying around my iPod mini and such. Unfortunately though my iPod mini has a battery problem and only lasts a few minutes.

I miss the days when people modded there iPod minis and put blue LEDs as a backlit while running iPodLinux, and RockBox on the nanos.

Apple has focused on Touchscreen technology for atleast a decade now. The click wheels were touch sensitive now they have the gorilla glass that is touch sensitive. I do not see Apple going back to the click wheel or anything like it unfortunately.

I don't think Apple does battery replacements for the iPod minis and the older models, you will have to order the batteries off of the internet and do the surgery yourself, best if you double check that though.


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Jul 3, 2011
I would hoard 5G iPod Videos (Before they called them the classic) because that has the best sound quality of them all.


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Apr 6, 2010
There is obviously a market for the classic iPod. I'm guessing that apple will perhaps include wi-fi in a future classic to enable iCloud features such as ITunes Match. Best of both worlds.


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Jul 3, 2011
No. I don't want any of that. No WiFi. No Pandora. No nothing. No coverflow.
I am lucky to be running a 5th gen U2 that was given to me which was practically unused. It runs like a lightning bolt compared to my old 8GB iPod touch. It is perfect, because the sound quality beats that of the new iPod classic into the ground. I think Apple should give the classic line a bit of attention, and put the old 5th gen audio chip in and market it at music enthusiasts. It does sound better than my old iPods


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May 31, 2007
The Garden State
I love my classic and would get another if it died. My only complaint is that my older, much smaller white 4G iPod had much better sound quality.
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