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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by SUGUNAKAR REDDY, Jul 8, 2011.

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    Hi everyone I have a doubt regarding the remote/NXProxy.h file .I imported this file in my client - server program but the error(LEXICAL OR PROCESSOR ISSUE) is displayed that this file is not found when i try compiling the program can any one please let me know whether i have to define this header file or is it already present in any of the frameworks ....This header file is required for some of the methods in my program

    Thank You
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    Check your spelling.
    You posted it as NXProxy.h.
    Perhaps you meant NSProxy.h.
  3. jiminaus, Jul 8, 2011
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    If you in fact dealing with code using NXProxy, you're dealing with some pretty old code there (from NEXTSTEP 3.3 era, cira 1995).

    Because it's old legacy stuff, NXProxy wouldn't have made it into iOS, and the code will have to be updated to use NSProxy instead.

    BTW The Objective-C distributed object system is missing from iOS. The key subclass of NSProxy, NSDistantObject, is not in iOS.

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