Cliff Jumping v1.0.2 Now International

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    Can Be Found Here

    This application will show you location, directions, information, pictures and videos of awesome Cliff Jumping locations. With this awesome application you can upload your Cliff Jumping locations so we can share them with everybody to enjoy.

    ****** Version v1.0.2 Updates *****
    -New Cliff's Added
    -International Cliff's Canada,UK,Ireland etc
    -Fixed minor bugs and fixes

    - International Cliff Locations
    - Height of Cliff Jumping Locations
    - Directions to Cliff Jumping Locations
    - Map to Exact GPS Parking Locations
    - Directions from you to Parking Locations
    - Current Weather of Cliff Jumping Locations
    - Pictures of Cliff’s
    - Videos of Cliff’s
    - Ability to Upload New Cliff Locations
    - And More!

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