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Discussion in 'iPad' started by drexel99, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Really need a clock radio app for the ipad. Something that is similar to the app clock radio for the iphone. Tried to use that app on my ipad and it can't stream any of the channels. I figure there must be some compatibility issue. Bought the alarm clock app for the ipad but that doesn't allow for streaming of specific internet stations just plays from your itunes library.

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    Apr 8, 2010
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    I found the Sonio clockradio app (0,79 euro/0.99 dollar) it works pretty nice and stable as of version 7 and also in the latest 7.2 version this has this feature to wake up with radio stations from various European and US radiostations. Add your own stations (mp3/shoutcast) streams (via favorites first add a existing station to the favorite list > open favorite list > click on the station now you can add a new station via * > + do it quickly).

    I also noticed that these features are added within a few weeks:
    ✓ 7.5 (Available in one week): Display weather information in your city.
    ✓ 8.0 (Available in two weeks): Display clock in horizontal mode also.

    You can also change the brightness and looks (color/modern/clock). And set a separate clock time for each time of the day.

    Another nice but more expensive app is TimeTuner Radio Alarm Clock in which are more radio stations but you can't add your own stations it costs in Europe 1,59 euro

    I have used both only on iPhone 3GS and work nicely. I think these two are the best affordable clock radio with enought features.

    for more info see:

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