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    So a while back I installed W7 with Bootcamp onto a 100gb partition of a 320gb drive. I've since purchased some larger drives for my Mac OS and I've outgrown the 100gb I originally put aside for Windows (I only use it for gaming and Steam have had some sales lately...), so I'm wondering, if I were to make a disk image of my Bootcamp partition, saved it to a different drive, wiped and de-partitioned my 320gb drive, could I 'restore' that drive to get all that space in W7?

    I mean, I know I can do that with a drive in Mac OS, but if I can make an image of an NTFS drive, can I clone it to a bigger drive and have Windows see that there's more space? Is it as straightforward as all that? I'm assuming it won't be, given my experiences with W7 coming from a lifetime of only using Macs!

    Thanks and apologies if this has been covered recently, a browse and search didn't show anything but maybe I wasn't searching for the right phrases.

    Edit: I may have answered my own question, but I have yet to try it. If anyone else is looking for this info (I hate googling a question and finding a 3-year-old thread with a link to the poster's question which turns out to be dead), I've found an article on eHow that says to do this:
    1. Open Terminal.
    2. Find your partition by typing "diskutil list" and press enter. This will list all the partitions on the hard drive, the boot disk is "/dev/disk0," and any others will be numbered disk1, disk2 and so on. Find the one that matches your BC drive.
    3. Type
    "diskutil resizeVolume

    disk_identifier limits" but replace 'disk_identifier" with the name of the BC partition. Press enter and it'll show you the current, minimum and maximum limits for the partition.
    4. Type "diskutil resizeVolume", followed by the partition's name and the size you want it to be. The size is a number followed by 'G', so if you have a partition with the title 'BootCamp' and you want it to be 100gb, you'd type "diskutil resizeVolume BootCamp 100G", then press enter.

    I have yet to try this because my disk image of my BC drive has just been created, so if this goes wrong I can (hopefully) restore it from this backup. I'll report back if it doesn't work.

    Oh and if you are from the future and people have figured out how to keep links alive forever, the original article is at

    Edit again: It didn't work, but I've just realised how unbelievably short-sighted I was in approaching this question. Searching for 'changing bootcamp partition size' has come up with the info I needed, sorry for wasting a perfectly good thread on this...
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