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Discussion in 'iPod' started by puffy1980, Jun 27, 2015.

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    i have one 80gb iPod classic, and one 160gb Classic. I basically want to transfer all my stuff in one easy go from the 80gb to the 160gb.
    I have been "told" this is easily done by copying the hidden "iPod_Control" file to my MacBook then copying it in the new iPod. I have entered the terminal command to see the hidden files, and I have copied the old "ipod_control" folder to my MacBook, but when I go to copy it to the new iPod I get told that it can't do it as its an invisible folder. Anyone got any ideas?
    I can't just sync the new one with iTunes as I have changed laptop and there is tons of stuff on my old iPod that is t in iTunes, and I don't really want to sync the old "ipod_control" file with iTunes to sync the music with my laptop as I don't want to take up all the room on my hard drive.
    Is this an impossible task? Or is it a simple fix?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Never heard of people cloning IPods but there's software that u can use to copy the iPod music into your computer.
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    Select the invisible (hidden, right?) folder and press command + down.
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    Will try that when I get home. It is "hidden" but for some reason OS X says and I quote, "Can not replace folder "ipod_control" as it is invisible

    But will try command + down later and let you know how it goes
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