Cloning Both OSX and Bootcamp to larger drive : SUCCESS!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by kristenanne77, Aug 2, 2009.

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    Jul 16, 2009
    How to clone Macbook with a Bootcamp partition with windows xp.

    This worked for me.:eek:
    Always take the necessary power-off and power-on precautions when doing this stuff, but I assume you know that already.
    Started out with a 250 gig drive. 125gig for mac OSx and 125 for “bootcamp partition” with windows xp on it. The Mac OSx partition was half full, while the windows xp (bootcamp) partition was almost full to capacity, so I needed to get a larger drive. I bought a 2.5 inch Western Digital 500 gig sata drive as my new drive.

    This is how I successfully cloned both the mac osx partition and the windows xp partition the new drive.
    1. I named my bootcamp partition “Origwnxp” so I would not be confused later. You don’t have to do this of course.
    2. I put the new 500 gig drive 2.5 inch into a powered enclosure and connected the power, and the usb cable to my macbook.
    3. In mac OSx, I used disk utility to make the new disk “readable, so it could be used .
    4. I then downloaded and used SuperDuper to clone the OSx to the new larger drive. (SuperDuper does not deal with the bootcamp partition)
    5. After cloning, I then used the option key upon startup to selectively boot up from the external drive which was in the enclosure. I did this to make sure it was booting up correctly. It was!
    6. I swapped out the old “filled” drive and put it in the enclosure and connected it to the macbook via usb, and put the new larger drive into the mac. It booted up with no problem. The reason I did this was because I knew I would have to make a bootcamp partition on this new larger drive for windoze, and you can ONLY MAKE A BOOTCAMP PARTITION ON THE DRIVE THAT IS IN THE COMPUTER, NOT ONE THAT IS IN AN EXTERNAL ENCLOSURE..
    7. Then I downloaded and used Winclone to make an “image” of the original “bootcamp (winxp)directory located on the “old” drive now in the enclosure .
    8. Using Winclone, I saved the image to the new larger drive in the mac osx partion. . Keep in mind that this windoze image I had was quite large and I would never have been able to be save it on my original smaller osx partion (if it was a small image, I suppose I coud have saved it there.) :eek:Make sure that whatever osx partion you decide to use to save the bootcamp image file, that you have enough space:eek:!
    9. Now I need a bootcamp partition on the new drive to put the image, so I use the bootcamp assistant to set up a partition . You could have made this partion before, but I wanted a good estimate of the how much space I would need after the image file was made. In my particular case. The image file of the original bootcamp directory was about 80-90 percent size of the original size. So I knew that when I “restore” this image I would need a bit more space than the image fie at the bare minimum. You decide what you need , and then some.
    10. Using Winclone , I select the image I want to restore, which in my case was called “origwnxp.winclone” (the original name I gave the bootcamp partition was origwnxp, and I guess Winclone added the .winclone extension). The destination of this image file is the new bootcamp directory. It successfully restored all the windows stuff, saving me hours of work. … NOTE: :)Winclone takes care of the file system:). My original “bootcamp” windoze xp file system was ntfs, so Winclone automatically knew to format (or reformat) the mac bootcamp partition (fat32 i think) to make it compatible.
    11. Everything works fine. Boots up (via option key at startup) in either mode. I haven’t checked all the programs, but everything is running good.
    12. At this point, I really don’t need that large image file of the original bootcamp windows xp partition, so I will save it to an external drive for safe keeping. I use separate systems for booting, which is my own personal preference, and use Macdrive while in Windoze, to explore (“see” )the mac side of the computer. I can also move files and directories with Macdrive, but I don’t unless they are a mp3 or wav or another specific type of file which play on both mac osx and windoze. Otherwise you are flirting with danger. So now I plan to “move” the image file over to an external drive for safe keeping. I did notice that Winclone made a “whole directory” called origwnxp.winclone (yep, …same name as that restore file we mentioned earlier within osx), and within this directory was a huge dmg file AND lots of other little files which I presume have to do with parts of the proper installation of the image file. I hope all the necessary files are there….but for now, I am happy. Plus I always have my old drive for backup. …….this forum has been great so this is my contribution. Good Luck.:)
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    Nov 28, 2009
    This is an excellent HowTo. Only in step 3 some more information would have been helpful for me. Now that I'm through with it, I know what is meant by making "the new disk readable", so I gonna share this bit of information:

    You have to create an partition on the new disk and format it with a MacOS-file-system (e.g. "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)") AND use a GUID partition table (--> Options). This last point is important for BootCamp.
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    Jul 27, 2008
    guid was default for me.

    bootcamp works.

    but vmware fusion wont run windows anymore.
    says something about disk or format havning changed.
    might try uninstalling vmware and reinstalling.
    not a massive problem yet as i hardly use it.

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