Cloning help needed for Mavericks w/ BootCamp WinXP partition

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by wlow3, Sep 15, 2014.

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    I'm running out of space on my 2009 iMac and I need to swap out my current (1T) HD for a larger one. (I've already perform this operation once when the original hard drive died). I have Mavericks installed with a Boot Camp partition with Windows XP.

    I'm looking for the least pain in the ass way to install all my old data onto the new drive.

    I have a Time Machine backup, so the Mavericks part is not the problem; it's the Boot Camp partition with Windows XP.

    Windows XP doesn't have anything as nice as Time Machine for backups. It does have its own crude back up program but it still seemed to mess up a lot of the registry keys when I used it the last time and so I had to resort to reinstalling a lot of my old XP applications from CDs to get them running again. Plus, now Mavericks' Boot Camp does not support Windows XP.

    I've never messed with image back ups, but ...

    1) Can I image/clone the whole current hard drive such that it will include the Mavericks partition and the Boot Camp Windows XP partition and the Mavericks' recovery partition?

    2) How do I get the image/clone on to the newly installed fresh hard drive? I assume I would boot to a USB emergency boot disk, but does disk utilities allow me then to transfer a clone from an external back up drive to the newly installed internal HD? I also assume I would need to format the new internal drive first. Is that right?
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    I believe Carbon Copy Cloner will do this job for you, connect the new drive externally first and initiate the clone.

    once complete, leave the new drive connected and try booting to the Mavericks/bootcamp partition on the new drive

    if everything is good, you can replace the drives and wipe out the old drive.

    Edit: I just realized CCC doesn't work well with bootcamps however they provide recomendation for another software:

    I have not personally tested this, maybe you can report back how it goes.

    Good luck!

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