Cloning my ENTIRE OS X (Yosemite) to RAID 0 Disk

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by TheHerdForever, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. TheHerdForever macrumors member


    May 11, 2012
    After doing some research here and on Google about cloning my current OS X drive to a RAID 0 drive, I'm still lost. Can someone please advise me (using simple steps) that will allow me to copy my entire contents (including the hidden recovery Yosemite partition) to the new RAID 0 drive I have created on my Mac Pro 5,1 workstation? I tried to use the latest copy of CCC and for some reason, it didn't copy over the hidden Yosemite partition after cloning the RAID 0 drive. Thanks!
  2. Euphoria227 macrumors newbie

    Mar 9, 2008
    A Recovery partition cannot be created on RAID volumes.
  3. TheHerdForever thread starter macrumors member


    May 11, 2012
    Yeap...that' what I found out. I also found something else out which stinks. You can NOT add another disk(s) to a RAID 0 set. Not good in my case. Have to do some work-arounds to use all 4 SSDs in my Mac Pro. o_O
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    Feb 22, 2015
    Recovery does not need to be on the boot drive, recovery has never been supported on arrays, you always need a bootable backup anyway which you have and has recovery partition. No problems.
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    Sep 27, 2005
    Not sure if I understand the scenario, but I assume you have a current volume with your OSX and a new (empty) RAID 0 volume (setup with Apple Disk utility) that you want to clone to, then remove the original Yosemite volume and boot from the RAID 0?

    What I do is boot off a Yosemite bootable USB stick. Run Disk Utility from the install menu, and use the RESTORE function to clone the original Yosemite volume to the new RAID 0 volume. Once the clone is done, shut down, remove the original Yosemite drive, and boot holding the OPTION key and choose the new RAID 0 boot volume.

    Magic done. That's how I did mine when I had two Apricorn Velocity Solo X2 cards w/SSD's setup as a Apple RAID 0 volume, cloned from a SSD in one of the SATA bays.

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