Cloning questions... Switching from old MacBook Black to new MacBook Pro

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by koobcam321, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Jun 10, 2009
    Hi all,

    I am a new member of MacRumors..:) :D I hv got an array of questions, I believe my search for answers end with the help of other MacRumors members here. Here I go....I am going to switch from my old MacBook Black (2.4 ghz, 4gb, 250gb) to new 13" Aluminum MacBook Pro. I would like to configure my new MBP with a 500gb 7200 rpm hd. But at stores 13" MBP can be configured only upto 500gb 5400 rpm. So I plan to buy a MBP with default 250gb and then upgrade it with a separate purchase of 500gb 7200 rpm. Here is where I'm stuck with some confusion :confused: my ques's below....

    (1.A) I am purchasing a new 500gb 7200 rpm hd. So now If I want to install this new hd, first i should get a clone copy of the new MBP 250gb hd and load into 500gb hd. My first question, instead of cloning new MBP 250GB hd, what if i clone the old MB Black 250gb into the new 500gb hard disk, and replace the 250gb in the Aluminum MBP? My MB Black is just 3 months old and the softwares(OS, iLife, Office 2008) were always kept upgraded. Just wondering why i should lose all those updates...:(

    (1.B) I am planning to sell MB Black after the new arrival of MBP. If i am using the clone of MB Black hd in my new MBP, then there would be two instances of the same softwares in two different HDs. (Except for the data in MB Black, which I will erase after the cloning) Is It a good idea to sell the original MB Black which has the exact copy of softwares as I have cloned in the other hd? :confused:

    2. If you recommend me to clone the new MBP 250gb hd instead of my old MB Black 250gb, how should i transfer my data from MB Black 250gb to new HD? is it possible to use Time Machine to back up the data from one mac hd and restore it on another different mac hd? If not Time Machine, which works best for this purpose?

    (3.A) My final question is regarding cloning process itself. is it ok to use an external hd to clone an internal hd and load this external hd clone onto new internal 500gb hd? if there are any hardwares specific to cloning, i dont have any such hardwares. just would like to mean, i am dependent on my external hd, at present. :eek:

    (3.B) If cloning can be done using external HD....hurray...i have Western Digital Passport studio 500gb. Are these the right steps to clone, irrespective of whichever hd i clone (either new MBP hd or old MB Black hd)?? a)i will first clone the hd onto external WD. b) Remove the 250gb hd from new aluminum MBP c)add the new internal empty 500gb hd d)boot the MBP from cloned external this type of boot possible?? e) clone again but now from the external WD to internal 500gb hd. f) format the external WD. Am i on the right path??? will this work?

    Thats it! I hv never had such long typing..:eek: Sorry if my questions are silly, i am a pc to mac person. Not aware of all mac tweaks. Dont want to blow away the system experimenting unknowns. Thought of receiving some advice here.

    I would heavily appreciate any answers or links that clears my doubts. Great thanks for everyone who read through. :cool:
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    Jun 10, 2009
    Hi, I am awaiting a response or any direction :( Appreciate someone helping me...............
  3. koobcam321 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 10, 2009
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    STOP SPAMMING .... you friggin pirate. ;)

    Edit: just the 4-5 posts on the same subject trying to get people interested, tad annoying.
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    What's wrong with calling someone a pirate since they want to clone their hard drive for an upgrade? But yeah it's not cool to Spam a site and you will get flamed for it.

    You can install the new 500gb drive inside your 13" MBP. Connect the MBP to your "older" MB with a firewire cable and hold down the "T" when you boot your MBP.

    Download Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!(both are free cloning apps.)

    Then copy your current hard drive and target your new installed 500gb. You may need to format it using Disc Utility. Format as GUID partition map. Follow the directions of CCC or SD! and then Copy. You will then be able to boot your new 13" MBP with all your current settings/documents that's in your MB.

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