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    I have a external 4TB HDD that I frequently update with video files. I want to keep a offsite backup of this drive which the person holding for me can access the files. Till now, they just have been bringing the drive over to my house once a month to have it updated and that has worked OK for the most part but is time consuming.

    I'd like to know what the advantage is of doing a "clone" in CCC or SuperDuper has over my method (if any). I see the new CCC can do offsite backup. If I do that, can we avoid the need to manually bring the backup drive to be updated by letting the software manage what files were changed and updating the drive accordingly?

    What advantage is there to cloning vs just selecting all and copying/pasting from one drive to another?

    Thanks for the help on m newbie questions.
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    Jul 24, 2009
    Cloaning a drive basically copies everything on the drive allowing you to boot from that drive if the original fails.
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    CCC creates a bootable clone, so if your computer or drive failed or if it was stolen, you can simply boot from the CCC clone. There would be no restoration process, as the drive would be identical to the cloned drive. In addition, CCC also clones the OS X Recovery Partition, unlike SuperDuper.
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    So from the looks of it my copy/paste method seems solid for being free.
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    SuperDuper is also free for your purpose--copying one drive to another. You only have to pay for advanced features like scheduling.

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