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  1. oclor macrumors regular

    Jan 14, 2006
    My family has been with t-mobile for the last 3 years. Now that our contract has expired, my dad said we should move on to another carrier. I'm an apple fanboy so I immediately looked at the iPhone. I was really turned off by the plans especially since AT&T doesn't offer 3G anywhere in Iowa (where we live). So I didn't think my dad would go for such crazy plans, especially since he told me that he would get a discount with verizon. I was ok with that but I was pissed because verizon had such terrible phones!

    So anyway, we go to the mall the other day to the verizon store and try to check out the phones and sign up. We stood there for a good ten minutes or so and no one bothered to come and ask us if we needed any help. We didn't see any interesting phones either. So we decided to walk around and come back later.

    We stopped at the AT&T store just to check out the iPhone and then this employee started explaining the plans and such. He also told us that 3G should be available in the Fall. Then he asked my dad where he worked, and told us that we get a 24% discount on rate and data plans!!! Needless to say, we ordered 3 iPhones right away.

    Sorry for this story being long, but I just wanted to show you guys how close we were to not getting iPhones. Also, I guess the moral of this story is that you should see if you are eligible for a discount because it makes a huge difference! We're going to be paying about $50 a month less than regular price. I was just browsing and I just found out that even I would have been eligible for a discount (through my University).

    The only crappy thing is that our mall has an apple store that actually has the damn iPhones right there. But since we are getting a discount we have to go through AT&T and that means I'll have to wait for another couple of weeks!
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    Aug 29, 2007
    JUST BUY THE PHONE! you can add the discount on later either through the att website or stop by an att store with some sort of proof your dad works where he works.

    I had to take my discount off my line, buy the iphone 3g, then immediately went online and put my discount back on
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    Jul 6, 2007
    Were you in Des Moines. I know you said you're from Iowa City, unless I'm way out of the loop we don't have an Apple Store in the IC.

    I hope the AT&T guy you talked to was right about 3g coming in the fall, that might actually give me the incentive to go buy the new iPhone.
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    Jan 14, 2006
    Well we went to the apple store and the lady there told us that we HAD to go through at&t. Oh well I guess I don't mind the wait.

    Yeah I go to UI but my family lives in WDM. I think we're getting an apple store in the IMU once they fix it up. As for the 3G, they said Des Moines is getting it in the fall and Iowa City would be the first city to get it shortly afterward. I hope that's true.

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