Close lid without turning off or sleep?


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Jul 21, 2004
This may be a silly question. I'm a Mac Pro guy and this is my first Mac laptop. How do I make it so nothing happens when I close the lid? Not using external display or anything. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to close the laptop when moving from place to place, I just don't see the need to sleep the machine when I do so. I do this on my Acer laptop all the time.



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Sep 3, 2008
Check out different 'tricks' for using a MacBook in clamshell mode.

The advantage of OS X though is that sleeping and waking it up is almost instant. But it'll disconnect you from wifi and all that, so I guess there's some use to not letting it go to sleep. Just be sure that it doesn't overheat though, and don't put it in a bag and start bouncing around with it to prevent hard drive problems.
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