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    I don't understand the purpose of this thread. However, I'll tell what I did here:

    1) Create multiple free Google Drive accounts (15 GB each) and upload these contents there.

    Advantages: original files are hosted in the server, and don't expire. Also available for streaming.

    Disadvantages: It's possible to create a new acc without filling them with validation SMS codes sent to your mobile phone number, but I have no idea how this is exactly done.

    After a few codes, the phone number can't be used anymore.

    So far I created dozens of accounts this way, but it's hard to do even once. Google keeps refusing the creation of new accounts. My suggestion is to use CCleaner and renew your IP. Oh, and change the device where you try this.

    Oh, and Google does not ban people for creating multiple accounts. It's also not required (you can skip this, if asked) to provide a phone number or alternate email, for one acc created without these two.

    2) Create a new personal blog in Blogspot. Put the Google Drive links there (everything organized, using the proper HTML codes). If you are using iPAD, instead of putting the embedded codes like this (for videos):

    Use this:

    If you write "preview" in the end, the video player will fill more of your screen. Safari browser can't go fullscreen, that's why we need to use "preview" to compensate for this.

    You can use Safari for viewing the contents with subtitles embedded by you (SRT files). Google Drive's app:

    Can't read subtitles, or change the resolution.

    Oh, and in Safari for iOS or this app, you can switch between redirecting these links for the app or view them in the browser. You can undo this change later if you want.

    Personally, I view all my videos in Safari, I don't let them to be redirected to the app.

    3) Change the settings for this blog to be only viewed by admins logged in the Google account. Also change the settings to prevent search engines from indexing. This is a required step to prevent future deletion.

    Another change I would do is to force the links to open in another tab/window. Something like this:

    4) I don't need to remind you to never share the blog URL address or the links with anyone. Once uploaded to Google Drive, do not select them to be publicly accessible, select instead "share with those that know the link". That way, even if the Google acc from the contents is not the same as the Blogspot one, you'll be able to view the content anyway.

    5) For audio files, I think you need to use the GD app:

    To play them. Safari browser for iOS can't do this. Audio files can be played in the background with the official app. "Documents by Readdle" is recommended for this, once the files are downloaded from the server. Or nPlayer, for FLACs and other filetypes.

    6) If you are dealing with contents from DVDs or Blu-rays, check this post:

    In case the video file is bigger than 15 GB, divide in two parts with MKVToolnix. I found this to be the case with Matroska generated from movies extracted from Blu-ray discs.

    For ebooks, I use these apps, the 1st to search for filenames, and the 2nd to download them, and send them to my ebook readers:

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