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Jun 19, 2003
Buffalo, NY
I was reading about some of apples history online, and came across a section on the Woz. Supposedly he invented a remote control that would never become obsolete. Was this thing ever made?

"But of course, all these pale to the next great thing he created after the Apple II: The Cloud 9 Remote Control.

Yes, friends, Cloud 9, Wozniak's high-end remote control, was the bad-assingest, mother-pimpingest remote control you could get your sweaty hands on. Where The Man wanted you to have some lame little soda straw of infra-red signal pissing along randomly to your appliances, The Cloud 9 flooded the area in rays, guaranteeing you could sit on the crapper and send the important news that the radio should go up full blast down your hallway and into the living room. If you're still skeptical, let's drop this little bit of trivia on you: The Cloud 9 had dual processors. In 1985. It had a ****ing programming manual that explained recursive coding techniques. If there was something that needed any signal to do anything, of any kind, to do something, Cloud 9 was the mack.

Cloud 9 also had the coolest phone number, ever (long since gone): 1-800-999-9999. When Cloud 9 finally choked it down, Wozniak did what Wozniak does: give the number away to a teen runaway line, where desperate youth could grab any payphone and press the 9 key over and over until someone could speak to them. For publicity? For a good name? No, because Woz is just that cool. "


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Aug 27, 2012
I have 4 (four) working Cloud 9 Remotes!

Yes indeeddy. Saw them a few years ago at eBay and grabbed them, they are now refurbished and I've been meaning to add a mini port to them so they can be programmed just by plugging them into a plain-vanilla rs-232 port, without a special adapter that it required.

CL-9, the universal WOZ remote for the Super-Geek: Redefine keys on-the-fly, program toggles (push on/push off) buttons. Every key is a macro. Fixed and relative timers.

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