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    My girlfriend has a particular problem that I can't seem to google my way out of. Having recently converted her to a 32GB iPhone and a 32gb iPad, I encouraged her to go with iCloud for her storage needs.
    She has purchased 40GB of online storage as well.

    Her situation is this, she has a very old dell laptop that is virus and malwear infested running XP that she does NOT want to use as a backup.
    Besides it takes about 10 minutes to boot and is abysmally slow.

    That leaves her with no "primary" computer.
    She is okay with this as the iPhone and iPad pretty much addresses all her home PC needs.

    Her problem is that her phone has pretty quickly filled to max with photos and videos of her son, and she is very wary of deleting them.
    My question is this, is iCloud storage "permanent" until it reaches it's space limitations? Every article I have read quotes a 30 day limit and 1000 photos.
    Is this ONLY for the 5GB "included" storage?

    She is not in a position to purchase a new Mac now and I want to find a way to reassure her that if she deletes her photo's and videos that they are somehow safe up in the cloud, but I am not sure if that is true.

    Or the follow-up question.
    Is there any way to "offload" the photos and videos on to permanent storage without involving a PC or Mac?

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    As apple have removed idisk support from iCloud i don't think there is any need to purchase more space. photostream is no good for what you need as that has 30 day/1000 image limit and no video support. You could try dropbox and upload videos to private youtube account. There are apps that will use the storage you have purchased, you just have to find them, i think air sharing app does. safest bet is to email all the photos to the email address using the 40gb then they should be safe.
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    If she downloads the BoxNet app and signs up via an iOS device, she'll get 50Gs of free storage. I used it to back up my pics and videos. Then with the app, or site, they're available anywhere.
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    the 30 day limit doesn't seem to be implemented at the moment

    buy the goodreader for iPhone app, can upload photos and video to iCloud storage from that

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