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    Hi all...

    I have a whole bunch of mags i want to have easy access everywhere (or just on LAN)

    What are my options ?? I',m guessing LAN access, because its faster..

    I looked at storage on Dropbox, and other cloud solutions, but none of them download in background while your viewing.. They don't do adaptive streaming.

    I need to wait a a great deal while the entire mag downloads, just to view the first page (a good 100MB)

    So, either local iOS storage, or maybe something like

    Any solution to this ?

    I need something i can access on all devices. iPad and Mac. and if its hardware based, i can carry it round with me. Maybe the above may be good.
  2. onekerato macrumors regular

    Jun 6, 2011
    Drag your magazines into Calibre (free app) and start the content server (in Calibre preferences). You can then access all your magazines via a web page on LAN. Calibre will even create a cover for the magazine based on 1st page of the magazine's PDF. Further, use tags to organize your magazines which you can use for filtering or searching through the web interface.

    In addition to magazines, you can also manage your MOBI, EPUB and PDFs using Calibre. You can create multiple libraries if you wish to keep your magazines separate from other books. A Calibre "library" is fully contained in a folder, so you can always take it with you on a flash drive and open it on another Mac or Windows computer.

    Reading magazines on a retina iPad is awesome. I recommend GoodReader which has an inbuilt web browser, and you can connect to the Calibre URL and download PDFs for reading in the GoodReader app.

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