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    It will be interesting to watch this "cloud market" unravel over the next few months. With Amazon unveiling their 'Cloud Drive' today, it is setting a precedent that Apple and Google will have to match to in order to gain users to their service. I love Apple and the products that they put out so I will definitely be using their service over the others when in comes out, but this competition in the market place is certainly going to benefit us, the consumers.

    I don't think there is a person out there that doesn't want the new MobileMe to be free. Of course that would just be the most basic of services which would be enhanced for a price, but for the average consumer, basic gets the job done. At first I though Amazon was being very generous with a free 5 GBs, but in reality, they need every edge they can get to compete, and that is not to say that Apple or Google won't come out with a service with a greater storage capacity. I believe that all of these services will have to stay competitive by raising capacities. In reality, these services are not each companies "bread and butter." To steal from an analogy I heard the other day, this cloud service is solely a moat that is there to protect the castle, or the companies main service. Each company wants to gain users through this rather than make a killing on money, so they will have to offer the best services (why do you think Amazon is offering 15 more GBs if you buy from their MP3 store?).

    Forget Amazon, because they will fall out of relevance rather quickly once Apple and Google unveil their clouds. Plus, Amazon lacks functionality with their newborn product... the Dropbox way of doing things is not present, which will certainly be available in Apple's new service. By that I mean the ability to add files straight to a folder on your computer that will automatically put the file into the cloud. I love this about Dropbox; it is so convenient and simple. Of course, Dropbox will be affected by these new emerging clouds. They might want to boost their GB limit to compete with the big boys, although, their multiplatform functionality is to be desired since that is probably not a feature that Apple will implement.

    Well, I'm just pretty much rambling now. I am just very excited for Apple's upcoming service. What do you guys want to see from Apple's new service and how would you use it? I think for me, I would like a very simple, intuitive Dropbox-like cloud with a decent amount of storage. For files, I pretty much would only put documents of extreme importance into it as well as a few photos so I wouldn't need too much space (Dropbox's 2 GBs has always been perfect for me). But for streaming music, it would be nice if they gave ample space. Right at the moment, my iTunes library has 6.07 GBs of music in it so it would be cool if I could fit all of that into it.
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    Good observations! I don't know what Apple has up its sleeve for MobileMe, but Amazon's service will (deservedly) put the pressure on. MobileMe is anemic and overpriced. Apple would win more over to its platform if its sync services were free, and possibly having a premium MobileMe package for those who want enhanced functionality, more storage space, etc. iDisk has never worked well for many including me, yet it's the closest thing Apple has to a "cloud" for user files. The fact that files put in your iDisk folder do not get backed up in Time Machine in a way that is accessible to the average Mac user ensures that iDisk remains a marginal tool: you can only safely use it as a kind of online, manual backup for important files. If you actually move them there (e.g., in order to have your files accessible from any of your computers), you run the risk of losing them if, for example, you accidentally delete one of them on one of your computers. iDisk is also famously unreliable and slow compared to free alternatives like Dropbox. The increasing popularity of the "cloud" puts more pressure on Apple to either make sweeping improvements to iDisk or replace it, either of which would be good for MobileMe users.
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    I really like Google. Gmail, calendar, contacts and picasaweb are really good. But when it comes to online file storage, Google should really improve Google Docs. I can't even upload a folder to it. If Google released a desktop software for uploading and still keep that cheap to upgrade storage ($0.25 per GB), it may be the winner of cloud services.

    As for dropbox, I really don't like how it works (maybe I am the only one :)), because my expectations from cloud is really different. When I move/copy some files to dropbox folder, I want it to keep that file only on cloud, not on my computer. At least there should be an option like that since I know there are a lot of people who loves current way.

    As for mobile me, I haven't tried it so it would be wrong if I compare it. But it should be more integrated in os x. For instance, in iphoto and itunes there may be a sync button that automatically uploads images/musics/videos that was not uploaded. It would be a killer feature if we had enough space for cheap (e.g. I need at least 40 GBs to do that). As for contacts/calendar sync, they should be free to everyone since Google already offers free service for that.

    As for Amazon Cloud Drive, I don't think it will be a popular service but as already said above, competition is beneficial for the customers.
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    New here but I felt I had to comment on this. Honestly, I do not understand how people seem to think Dropbox offers anything MobileMe doesn't, if anything MM offers more. Yes I know it costs more, but I feel a lot of people aren't really familiar with all the services MM offers.

    For example, MM offers calendar synch across all devices and allows for multiple calendar synch from third parties, for example I synch my Blackberry and work Outlook calendars to Google, which in turn synchs to MM and at the same time that synchs to our home and kids school ical so I can see it on my ipod touch, ipad and two Macs. Dropbox doesn't have this, Google does but it doesn't offer a desktop offline calendar like OS X.

    There is a lot of talk about dropping files or synching them to the cloud, where does MM fall short on this? On my desktop I have an idisk mounted like any other disc with files and folders in there. I can drag and drop or save to idisk like any other disc with the file being then in the MM cloud. I can then access those files from any computer anywhere, even my xp computer at work which doesn't have the MM tools installed. I even drop files from work onto idisk and then access them once I am home. Another point is you have the option of having files on idisk be on your Mac for offline access AND in the cloud or only in the cloud, your choice. Very simple. Yes I know 20 gigs is not enough considering the cost and I have heard of reliability issues but I haven't seen them so far.

    Then there is the integration to OS X, I can synch my imovie and iphoto directly to MM with a click of a button, share all my movies and photos or only some of them from MM with others, allow others to add or download photos and email photos directly to MM, very clean and very integrated to the OS. Then add in mail, and its tie into the OS X parental controls with MM, and I can manage and control my kids email easily.

    Not to mention that I can access MM, my files, my data and everything else from any browser or my ipod touch or ipad from anywhere and it is a pretty cool solution.

    Sure itunes is an issue, but it has been an issue for others too, which I suspect will get fixed.

    It isn't perfect, is a bit over priced considering the space, but when you factor in there is no space limitations for photos/movies so that the entire 20 gig is for mail and idisk it isn't THAT bad, IF you use all the features. It would be great to get double the space at half the price, but honestly, I really think a lot of the haters of MM really never took the time to use it to its full potential.

    Again, for pure file storage only, based on price Dropbox wins hands down, and sure you can do everything with a combination of Google and other services, but you lose a lot of offline capabilities, lose a lot of OS integration and it is just nice to go to one place to manage everything.

    Sorry for the long rant.

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