Cmd+Tab replacement - Witch


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Jul 31, 2004
Denton, TX
I dont know if you guys have seen this or not but there is a cool little Cmd+Tab replacement called Witch. Instead having just the icon of what program windows are open, it brings up a list that can be very customizable and be scrolled through. You guys should check it out and tell me what you think. I really like it.



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Jan 19, 2006
North Carolina, US
I heard about this originally several weeks ago but was completely lost at first at how to use it and just avoided it.

Then a couple weeks ago I took another look at it and realized it's really not hard to use... and it's actually really great! For work I always have 4-5 Firefox windows open, a couple textedit windows, etc. Some of these end up being minimized at times, and cmd+tab doesn't do any good to see these kind of windows. Witch will bring them back up out of the dock.

Once you install Witch, you have to go into the pref pane and check a box to enable it. This is not done by default. Then you can configure the shortcut keys. I have mine so I cmd+tab to do the normal application switching, but I can hit cmd+option+tab and get Witch. It gets kind of laggy and takes a moment to load when I have 8 or more windows open, but it's really nice to have.