CMN version 3.2 released!

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    Nov 10, 2014
    Today I have completed something important that has taken a long time.

    I want to say I started on version 3.2 of the Classic Mac Networking Guide in September or November of 2013. It's been a long, slow, arduous process, and I'm glad it is over, because it will be the final update.

    There is a lot of new content. Much of it would not be possible without the support of mcdermd, who by his bank of hardware has made a lot of experiments possible. Also he came in to save the day in at least one instance, one I can remember specifically is his method of using screen in Terminal to function as a serial console for clients. Having scoured the Web for clues as to why the "established method" was not working, I'm pleased to have his hand in making it work in the end. Also he is the man who runs the server, so I owe him a lot for the fact that I don't have to worry about anything concerning the hosting whatsoever.

    I encourage you to visit it again, even if you have been there recently. If you have not, you will find many answers to things you may have wondered about, or just been curious. It is rather extensive: the main page alone, if you were to print it out, would be about 54 pages long, and the More Info page would be about 32 pages. There are plenty of images to look at, too.

    Some of the improvements follows: a new title text with a nice VT220 font (that took four hours to make), a section for the EtherWave Mac/PB adapter, Cayman Systems GatorBox, revised Netatalk chapter, the Chart has been made as accurate as possible, a whole new section on SSH, how to Telnet, a quick word about direct modem hookups, a section on infrared interfaces relating to Macs, there is a description of a procedure to make Mac OS 8.1+ work with 10.6 through 10.10, a Serial Console subsection which has been very interesting, a quick word about AppleTalk zones with some fancy images, how to use IPNetRouter...

    ...A whole new section which was rewritten (probably the fifth time that the section on AppleShare 2.0.1 has been redone) covering EasyShare, AppleShare Server 3 and 4, plus IP 5 and 6, and the Working with Disk Images section has had fine-toothed comb run through it to correct anything amiss and make a number of improvements...and more. It passes HTML 4 validation, which the previous iterations did not. Every link has been checked to make sure it works. Every image has been inspected so you won't get any 404s. Each file uploaded was checked three times to make sure it works right. It has been completely read-through twice: it takes about a whole day of reading just to do the main page.

    All this is for you. Please have a visit:

    What about me? I am retiring. Mcdermd was gracious enough to hand me a free eMate 300 that I want to do some stuff with, but as for the Classic Mac stuff, I'm done. I don't have any more 68K stuff and only my 800MHz iMac G4s will be around for me to play Bolo and those things. I wrote the Guide because I had a hard time getting started, and I wanted to chronicle my experiences, and eventually it morphed into something else. Most of it I wrote for the benefit of the community (like the Working with Disk Images section) because beyond a certain point I kind of figured it out, but I didn't want anybody else to struggle through it like I did.

    I will be open to input and corrections for about a week or so after this post (which will be posted on other forums) is made. Afterwards, I won't touch it anymore unless there is something major that comes up: a bad upload or an error severe enough that it would cause the ill-informed to be led the wrong way, such as a bad code string for a Netatalk setup.

    Have a pleasant day!
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