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Nov 29, 2023
Hey everyone, I've quietly observed this forum for the last year while diving into the world of OLCP and Hackintosh. I have spent countless hours trying to get a successful install with Sonoma 14.1.2 on one of my CMP's. I was able to get it to work successfully ONCE, but despite scouring forums, trying every single solution/order/process I cannot seem to replicate it.

I can boot and install with zero issues. Even reboot. PRE-OLCP Root Patching, that is. No matter what I do once I complete the root patching and reboot I get all sorts of kext cannot load errors and the system boot loops. This is even after manually downloading the proper Root Patch package specific for the rev of Sonoma I've installed.

  • Spoofing iMacPro1,1, updated to OLCP 1.30 using OC 1.9.7 RELEASE
  • Tried every SIP combination I can reference - 6F020000, 03080000 as well as fully disabled via csrutil disable in recovery mode
  • DMG Loading = Any
  • OLCP-Settings = -allow_fv
  • Revblock = pcie
  • Revpatch = sbvmm
  • Boot-args = keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 shikigva=40 + shiki-id=Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94 -wegtree -no_compat_check -lilubetaall -btfixallowannyaddr ipc_control_port_options=0 -nokcmismatchpanic agdpmod=pikera amfi=0x80 -v

Loading the following KEXTS:
  • AGPM-Override.kext
  • AirportBrcmFixup.kext
  • AMFIPass.kext
  • AppleALC.kext
  • AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext
  • AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient.kext
  • AppleMCEReporterDisabler.kext
  • ASPP-Override.kext
  • AstekFusion2Adapter.kext
  • AstekFusion2Family.kext
  • AutoPkgInstaller.kext
  • BlueToolFixup.kext
  • Bluetooth-Spoof.kext
  • CPUFriend.kext
  • CPUFriendDataProvider.kext
  • CryptexFixup.kext
  • CSLVFixup.kext
  • ECM-Override.kext
  • FeatureUnlock.kext
  • Innie.kext
  • Intel82574L.kext
  • IO80211FamilyLegacy.kext
  • IOSkywalkFamily.kext
  • KDKlessWorkaround.kext
  • Lilu.kext
  • NoAVXFSCompressionTypeZlib-AVXpel.kext
  • NoAVXFSCompressionTypeZlib.kext
  • NVMeFix.kext
  • RestrictEvents.kext
  • RSRHelper.kext
  • SMC-Spoof.kext
  • USB-Map.kext
  • USB1.1-Injector.kext
  • WhateverGreen.kext

Loading the following drivers:
  • ExFatDxeLegacy.efi
  • OpenCanopy.efi
  • OpenLegacyBoot.efi
  • OpenLinuxBoot.efi
  • OpenRuntime.efi
  • ResetNvramEntry.efi

I've attached my PLIST. If ANYONE can take a look and provide any additional direction I would greatly appreciate it. (OR let me know what other items I can share for verification by someone with more knowledge than me. I am at a total loss and knowing that I was able to get it working previously is driving me insane.

Thank you so much!


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