cMP GPU cooler type and fan speed

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Raunien, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Raunien, Dec 18, 2016
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    Hi everyone,

    I have a couple of questions regarding GPUs for the cMP (specificially nvidia)

    1. Is the fan on the graphics card controlled by the nvidia web drivers? Will they automatically spin up as the card gets taxed? The reason I ask is that I don't think I've heard mine spin up. (I have a reference 980 with stock cooler)

    2. What type of cooler is best for video cards is best for the cMP? A "blower" type cooler like the reference ones, or the aftermarket "open" coolers like the ACX by EVGA? - what type do you guys use/prefer?

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    1. I think the card's firmware controls fan speeds.

    2. Blowers generally, but in the Mac Pro it doesn't really matter. There is more than sufficient case cooling capacity to deal with open coolers.
  3. Synchro3, Dec 20, 2016
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    With open air coolers the temperature in the PCI-E area is around 3° C higher than with a blower style card. Nothing to worry, but I would prefer blower style.
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