cMP/PMG5 Cases - Use of Steel?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Tucom, Feb 20, 2015.

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    Jul 29, 2006
    Random, but does anyone here know if the older cases of the cMP and G5 use steel for the internal structure of the case? One guy who was doing a Hackintosh build in a cMP or G5 case mentioned something about a steel support bar within the case, though it wasn't too clear what was exactly being referred to.

    More curious than anything I guess, though one reason I ask is I'm thinking about getting the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv case for my PC, and the build quality is just like the CMP case in regards to the aluminum - very thick ANODIZED (yes, no brushed!) aluminum, but has a steel internal structure.
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    Nov 17, 2008
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    yes, steel in there

    take a magnet and you'll find it quickly
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    Jul 25, 2010
    I can confirm that the hard drives have magnetic metal. Does anyone have any tips on data recovery after a total drive failure? #. Ha, just kidding.
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    I believe the metal divider under the optical and hard drive cage is steel as well as the side latch door bracket.
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    I took a G5 case to get recycled and it turns out that the actual "cheese grater" part of the tower is steel. Basically the entire mid section of the case. The only aluminum part were the feet and the left side (opposite of the panel). With my '09 Mac Pro (just tested with a magnet) it seems that the cheese grater section is aluminum on this model. Interesting. I could be wrong and only the screws were steel.

    Either which way the scrap yard was only going to give me $1 for the empty G5 case so I canceled that and took it back. I know there is more then $1 worth of aluminum there.
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    I recently built a PC with a Silverstone FT05 case and it appears to be very similar in materials and construction to the Evolv.

    Coming from a Mac Pro, I do like aluminium, but build quality and material usage is quite different.

    On the cMP, aluminum is used inside and out. I'd guess probably 85-90% of the case. Most of the shell, the dividing shelf (separating the graphics card from the CPU area), even the hard drive caddies are aluminum. Steel is used in some strategic areas for stiffness as well as in metal to metal contact points, often with steel slot pins and threaded inserts.

    The FT05 on the other hand is basically just a stamped, screwed and riveted steel PC case, with aluminum panels on the exterior. While I like the look, the build quality really isn't the same. PCIe cards are individually screwed into threaded punch-outs as opposed to seated into steel post inserts with a single (aluminum with steel captive screws in steel inserts as well BTW) retaining plate. I like the case, especially the rotated motherboard cooling, but the cases really aren't as much alike in build quality and materials as I had hoped.

    I haven't tried the Lian-Li or other high dollar PC cases, but I get the impression that to get a truly comparable PC case, I'd probably have to spend upwards of $400-$500.


  7. Tucom, Feb 20, 2015
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    Awesome info Sean! Lian Li cases are outstanding. I'm currently using a PC-V360 silver for my build, which I was fortunate enough to have attained while it was still being sold on stores. Now it just appears to be only available to boutique system builders like Velocity Micro (awesome company BTW). While all aluminum, it's brushed not anodized so finger prints can be an issue, though can be easily cleaned, and the metal itself isn't nearly as thick as a Mac Pro case, but still feels solidly built and sturdy. Super light though. Lian Li makes a case called the PC-V1000 which is essentially a full tower Mac Pro case - literally identical design minus the handles. I haven't had the chance to see one in person, but I imagine the metal isn't as thick, again, as a CMP case. But I could be wrong.

    This is why I'm so curious about the Evolv case - the aluminum on it is supposedly Mac Pro thickness, with just the inside shell being steel. I'm tempted to get one, but this Lian Li case is really fine as is. Still. Haha.

    OH BTW that reminds me - you want a truly Mac Pro case through and through build quality wise for your PC? Just came across this -

    If had the money...maybe, haha.

    Thanks to the others for their info, as well indeed. Can certainly learn a lot from this forum. Curious if anyone knows the thickness of the perimeter/handles of the CMP cases? No need to rush and find out, but if anyone happens to be able to find out or know, then I'd be curious to know.

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