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Jan 3, 2014
Silicon Valley, CA
My Mac Pro had been working great for years with a Broadcom BCM94352HMB, flashed RX-580, and PCiE M2 4TB drive. Systems are Mojave, BootCamp Windows 10, Catalina, and OCLP Ventura and Sonoma.

I wrecked the CPU tray connector cleaning the area and ended up buying another 5,1 in excellent shape.
High Sierra and Mojave firmware had not been flashed, so I brought it up to Mojave. Then switched in my Dual CPU tray, drives, and cards.

Everything worked great. I used an IOGear 521 dongle for improved BLE performance on OCLP systems.

I decided to also move my Broadcom BCM94352HMB with adapter and extra antenna. The results worked fine on Mojave and native DosDude patched Catalina. But no matter how much I wrangled I could not get WiFi and BlueTooth to work with this card under OCLP. I removed and reinstalled root patches to no avail. WiFi and BlueTooth turned on, but could never find any SSDI or devices.

SMC and NVRAM reset also did not help. I reverted to factory cards and all is fine.

I also tried a PCiE card with BCM94360CD, but ran into the same issues and flaky performace on Mojave. The factory card, which had been removed for the experiment, works ok. It is a bit distant from the main router, performance is not breathtaking. But any of the cards are likely forced to 2.4Ghz reducing performance.

Not sure I want to work on this more, but does anybody have any ideas?
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