CNET Prize Fight iP4 vs Evo 4G

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Sixtyin3, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Dec 11, 2009
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    Owned. I was about 2 seconds away from buying an Evo today...but they were out of stock.....then i looked at sprints 4G and 3G coverage and just sealed the deal for me. As long as Sprint has the Evo, they wont have my money.
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    Sep 14, 2008
    Evo 4g gets a 4.0 on the design? It is so ugly...

    Seems they give too inflated scores. Everything gets 4.0-5.

    Multimedia is tied? Are you kidding me? The Evo 4G is no where near the iPhone 4 in camera or how you get media. But hey, it has a kickstand!

    Then in the final round, they make the iPhone 4 and the HTC evo 4g sound equal (battery life on evo sucks), but then they give the iPhone for a 3.3 while the EVO 4g gets a 4.3? Sounds like a biased review to try to get a phone to beat the iPhone 4.
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    Jul 17, 2007
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    Why do you pay any attention to anything that CNET says?
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    Mar 24, 2010
    Who cares!!!

    I'm completely happy with my iP4 and AT&T.
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    Nov 20, 2008
    Ventura County
    Completely agree, at least found someone that thinks like I do!
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    Feb 10, 2010
    Question for everyone that's saying the Evo sucks...Have you owned one yet? I mean, why bump it if you never owned one.

    I bought an Evo when it first came out and honestly, I like it. The screen size is nice and the UI as well. The phone do have a strange design that takes some getting use to. When the Evo came out I agree, the battery life on it was horrible. I could barely get 6 hours out of the phone. Then people started saying that you get more battery life if you turn certain features off. Which by the way, I hate to do and will never do. You shouldn't have to turn features off to use the phone. If you do, then you're not using it to it's full potential. But then HTC/Sprint sent out that update that fixed the battery issue. After I got the update I could go anywhere from 13-18 hours without a charge. I know the iPhone 4 could probably go longer. But still with the update the Evo could last a lot longer as well. One thing I would like to point out as well is that unlike the iPhone 4, I didn't have one drop call on the Sprint Network nor did I experience any of that antenna garbage that the iPhone 4 is going through. The Sprint Service is excellent and so is their Customer Support. I had nothing but excellent interaction with them and they always solved my problems.

    Now I did switch to a iPhone 4. But it wasn't because the Evo is a bad phone or the service for that matter, like I said i liked the Evo and still do. I switched because of two reasons. The first being the lack of good quality apps and the second being the keyboard. When talking about the apps on the iphone 4, I know what to expect because I've previously owned all models of the iphone so I know what all the phone can do and the quality of the apps. But the apps and especially the games on Android (not the Evo) are horrible. The graphics are pathetic and the games are choppy.

    The Keyboard was my second issue. All these blogs made statements saying the screen is huge, the keyboard is excellent...blah, blah, blah, that's BS! In all actuality, the Android keyboards are just plain horrible. I would type something and sometimes it wouldn't even register. The Voice-to-text feature is a good idea but that too is a joke. I even rooted my Evo but that didn't please me. In reality, rooting got old pretty quick.

    But anyway, I like to text and play games or let my little daughter play games on my phones. So when both of those features didn't meet my expectations on the Evo, I searched ebay and bought me an iPhone 4, put a go-phone micro sim card into it (No contract 4 me) and BOOM...I'm loving it.
    I activated one of my old Sprint cell phones on my Sprint line of service and gave that phone to my teenage daughter and packed the Evo up and put it in my closet.

    There isn't going to be one cell phone that's better than every device on the market. And I hate to say it but that also includes the regular iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS iPhone 4, 5,6 etc. I don't care if Apple did make it, it's going to have flaws. Every device is going to have flaws. The Evo has the Frames Per Second mess, the iPhone has the Antenna issue. I'm sure the Droid X will have flaws as well as the not yet released Droid 2.

    Don't get me wrong, Apple makes some good products. But sometimes people think that Apple don't make mistakes. That's probably why the media is coming down on Apple so hard about this antenna mess because a lot of Apple Lovers are blind to the fact that Apple does make mistakes and the media wants to see what Apple will do about it.

    But oh well, I'm 90% content with the iPhone 4. But for how long...idk. That's why I hooked my iPhone 4 up as a prepay. Because with the other 10% I might decide to switch back to Sprint and my Evo. That's why i still got my Sprint service and my Evo so only time will tell.
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    Apr 14, 2010
    Washington State
    This is probably one of the most reasonable views I've seen on this forum. And I'm not just talking about it's view on Android vs. iPhone but the thought process behind it (realizing everything has flaws and you gotta decide what is most important to you and what you can or cannot tolerate).

    Oh, and +1 to the part I didn't snip (I can't really evaluate Evo fully, just what little I saw and for me the two reasons it wouldn't sell to me is too big and Sprint which I've had horrible experiences with. If I went Android I'd probably go with the Incredible cause it's still a reasonable size for a phone and I have no opinion yet on Verizon, good or bad so no reason to outright avoid verizon).

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    Feb 15, 2009
    at last the above 2 posts makes sense ...instead of all the "iphone is best,everything else is rubbish" posts..well done you 2......nothing is perfect even apples products arnt perect....every product in the world has pros and cons...both great phones in their own way...the on;y thing i would say is apples pricing policy beggars belief!!!! in the UK....a 2 year contract on the iphone,say £30 pound per month,iphone cost £269,HTC Desire,free...doesnt take much to work out the better value there does it...:eek:
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    Apr 22, 2010
    I agree with the others reviews. It is all a matter of what one needs and wants. Having said that, I went from the 3G to the EVO to the iPhone4. I loved the notifications bar on the Android, and I actually liked the keyboard (well let's be true it was the Haptic feedback to got me, I loved it, the keyboard was actually less responsive than the iPhones).
    The service was good (3G that is) but the 4G was horrid for me (and I am in a highly saturated 4G area, one of the first 4G areas in the nation, we were a testing area) and that was the breaking point for me (that and the quality of the apps).
    For me, I need concurrent voice and data and the only way possible on the EVO was while in 4G (but as discussed, signal was weak at best and would EAT the battery). I also found the apps lacking somewhat. While comparing the exact same apps between the 2 OS's, the iOs versions were just more polished and refined and offered more (iHeartradio, a staple for me, offered more stations on the iDevice than the Android, never could get an answer from the developer why this was) and other games just respond better on the iDevice (read smoother and more fluid) than on the Android device.
    The last breaking point for me, and a big one, was the battery life. To get the life and usage that I am used to on my iDevice, I had to turn off most of the "features" of the EVO, which meant a change in the way I use and rely on my device (and even then I still could only get about 80% of the usage time of my 3G, and the iPhone 4 life just blows anything away).
    I think the Android OS is almost there, but needs some polishing. Froyo 2.2 is supposed to address and correct lots of these issue, and if it does, things will definitely be more competitive, and I could foresee myself owning an Android device in the future, but for now the iDevice fits my needs, wants, and usage patterns the best of the devices out there.
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    Would you like a cookie?
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    I don't see anything wrong with the EVO winning against the iPhone--its an honest review and Apple needs this type of feedback. In areas with Sprint coverage the EVO gets better reception while my iPhone 4 gets as little as 1 bar in the middle of NYC. There's no doubt the iPhone has a better design, better apps and better multimedia integration but its frustrating to have to start a call 3 times before it actually connects.

    I'm used to sub-par reception on the iPhone 3G but the antenna problem is kinda pushing me over the edge. I used to like using my phone without the case when I'm at home--can't do that now.
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    Sep 3, 2009
    Philadelphia, PA
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    Cnet has been around long enough that it's reviewers should know megapixels mean mega-zero by themselves.

    Only bit I remember about the cameras was "And the Evo has 8MP!"

    Guess that's why when I do go to Cnet I primarily look at user ratings :D
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    Jul 6, 2010
    Agreed. Right after iP4 came out, I went and bought an EVO. (not wanting to support Apple's walled garden approach anymore) I loved the phone, with the few exceptions you point out. And, I couldn't get some of the bloatware to stop turning on - google talk is the straw that broke the camel's back. Every 10 minutes it would turn on, and I could watch the battery meter plunge.

    Sprint gladly refunded my money, I got an iP4 (on a lark, they actually had them in stock at AT&T and I decided to get one instead of reactivating my 3Gs) and I'm happy with it. Except for the proximity sensor issue and AT&T's Alcatel/Lucent HSUPA failure, I'm absolutely comfortable with my decision.

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