CNET reports MP is EOL

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by akadmon, Apr 9, 2012.

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    They all said the same thing about the Mac mini before it was overhauled.
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    Jul 17, 2010
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    That's not shocking news at all. They will probably kill the Mac Pro and then release stronger version of the iMac and Mini. Maybe a new line? This would be a disaster for Pros, maybe we won't see Macs in the movies anymore. Or maybe Apple will licenses clones to be made by Dell and HP (never!) :eek: Maybe they should bring Woz to come back and head up the desktop computer division, he's still on the books. Very Tron like. First lets kill our server, now lets kill out flagship computer...whats next? 10 years from now Apple will not make computers anymore?
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    By "stronger" I hope it is w/o display crutch and 500% better GPU.
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    I'm not sure how much he imac will grow beyond its current capability relative to the rest of their line in the foreseeable future. I've always found it slightly odd. An advantage of desktops is flexibility, yet the imac takes that away. If anything it's grown closer together with the laptops. They can't really get much further in terms of bumping the screen size to increase product differentiation. As I've mentioned before, that 27" panel was essentially a widened version of the 25.5" panels that preceded it. They widened them with this generation so that they could market them as 27", which while technically accurate was simply a gain made by adjusted aspect ratio (16:10 @ 25.5" to 16:9 @ 27" both numbers being approximate).

    The mac pro has never gotten the complement of gpus it really deserves. We basically get a couple of the better offerings from AMD. OpenGL/OpenCL performance isn't bad, but it kind of is what it is for the cycle. Dropping down in gpu selections when gpu power is becoming a bigger factor in many applications would suck.
  7. Lesser Evets, Apr 9, 2012
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    He has the hair style of a skunk; his rumor stinks.

    I thought it would be nice if they stripped down the Pro to something far more compact that a person can expand with TB. The Pro would be a little metal cage with power and basic motherboard, processors, memory, and ports. It would be far cheeper, but it would need a TB drive encasement for additional drives, an external PCI box outside of maybe a single PCI slot inside the machine aside from the graphics card, and anything else needed to make a Pro be as Pro as it has been so far.

    There is also a chance that the MacPro is kept as a prestige machine and barely edited or advanced aside from USB3 and TB. Though this form is getting clunky and can be crunched down, it's still awesome in most ways. At this time it just lacks some very necessary upgrades.
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    Apr 15, 2004

    That was 2011.

  9. Tutor, Apr 9, 2012
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    Making a matte screen option available for the iMac throws the beloved dog a bone as his littermate is being led to the pound.
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    In that case, I hope he's wrong again.

    I'm flirting with the iDea of buying a souped up version of the next iMac (provided that it comes with an antiglare screen) and just running my old MP+30" ACD+24" Dell alongside until the MP dies. That will give me 3 large screens and at least 8 cores for multitasking galore (the iMac ones being 3.0 GHz+). I don't give a damn about the electric bill. Besides, this setup is bound to cut down on my heating expenses during the cold months here in New England, which should just about offset the extra $$$ I'll have to spend on electricty.
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    Apr 15, 2004
    I think there are a lot of sources out of Apple with feelings one way or another, but no one actually knows for sure.

    That he second guessed himself is a sure sign to me that his source is not on the Mac Pro team. If I had a source on the Mac Pro team, and I got that sort of information, I'd assume it was right on the money.

    There is also the "Mac Pro discontinued but new pro line introduced" option. If the Mac Pro was indeed EOL, that wouldn't be ruled out. I could see Apple finally doing an "iMac in a tower". Same components as an iMac, but with a removable desktop GPU, a few PCI slots, and a few hard drive bays.

    Heck, I could even see them dropping 3.5" bays and going with 2.5" bays. Makes sense with the rise of SSDs.
  12. Custommm macrumors member

    May 31, 2009
    a Matte yellow display.... Great

    Yellow like 3 iMacs i swap last year
    Yellow like 2 27 inch Apple Cinama Display
    Yellow like my iPhone 4s before swapping it out
    Yellow like my "new iPad" they ship to me....

    Could not believe they dont fix that thing
  13. TennisandMusic

    Aug 26, 2008
    Pretty sure it's an LG problem though, you can get other monitors that use the same panels and they seem to have the same issues.
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    Aug 13, 2011
    I don't know what is more scary - the mp dying, or this guys wardrobe
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    There are so many killer things that Apple can do on the desktop but they are so stuck on the idea that they want to shrink everything down into the smallest thinest package. Hey Apple! i want a clunky upgradeable fun to use hunk of metal. I don't need a computer that I can fit on my desk and not
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    May 6, 2008
    The I/O bandwidth would be too limited for a professional machine (TB uses 4x PCIe lanes, so things like 8x lane and 16x lane cards would be throttled if run over TB).

    But if TB is more than enough for what you're doing, then a TB equipped Mini would be something to look into, and would potentially save you some money (at least on the machine; by the time you add in all the TB peripherals, it may be a different story...).
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    Wirelessly posted

    Unfortunately if it is eol then I guess my four ACD setup is hosed in the future, or just need to buy a 2010 now. That's what you call limiting your options.
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    What if they killed the MacPro and made a cube? Same high-end hardware, just in a cube form. Perhaps EOL doesn't mean abandoning the high-end user base.
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    It could be a return of the fabled xMac or a whole new product.

    Consumer oriented components have become very cheap and have performance parity with the more expensive Xeon counterparts.

    The only problem being that the consumer parts are only meant for single processor usage and not dual or quad processor configurations but I guess Apple would be able to talk this out with Intel, if they order enough parts.

    I am pretty sure that Apple is in the know with regards to Intel's roadmap and have had a chat with them with regards to which way the future desktop / professional computer is going in the near future and more longterm.

    I'm playing the waiting game with my 2008 Mac Pro. It is getting long in the tooth to the point where I am considering the new 2012 iMac when it comes.
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  21. xgman, Apr 10, 2012
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    If a MP does get built this year, it will not likely have USB 3 till it goes Ivy Bridge (if that ever happens)


    Boy, all this EOL news is getting darn right depressing!
    Maybe Apple will somehow react to all these downer stories soon?

    From AppleInsider today:

    "Separately, in what could be a sign of the end of the Mac Pro desktop line, Amazon is currently out of stock of the 8-core model. AppleInsider was first to report last October that Apple executives were evaluating whether to continue the Mac Pro in the face of limited sales, or finally ax the aging desktop"line.

    And from Hardmac this morning:

    "Lack of Mac Pro Upgrade: Pro Users in Fear
    By linathael. Original by Lionel - 10/04/2012 06:00:00 CEST - Category: Apple

    For some reasons we have hard time to understand, and while the Xeon E5 are currently available from Intel, Apple did not upgrade its Mac Pro models. Of course, for most customers, the current iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac mini will offer enough power for their usage. However, Pro users and customers are expecting new Mac Pro models as they are linked to Apple systems and applications, and would like to get more raw power to boost productivity (Final Cut Pro X, 3D video, video editing, CAD, etc.).

    Of course, such users could purchase the current Mac Pro models, but why would they invest 2,400 to 5,000 Euros into a one year old unit, while the next generation is maybe around the corner. In addition, CPU generation can really boost performance, and if we consider that such investment is made for three-year cycles, having the last generation model makes sense.

    We think that Apple should give a sign, as it did it for Final Cut Pro X users, either by releasing/announcing the new Mac Pro, or communicating on its plans regarding this type of hardware in its catalog. Is the Mac Pro a long-term strategy for the company? Many customers have been investing hardware and software into Apple technologies, and they deserve to be informed and have some visibility in order to be able to react, and avoid last minute plan B option."
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    The problem is everyone is so paranoid right now that every little fluctuation means the end of the Mac Pro.

    Amazon having no stock could mean a lot/ of things. The discontinuation of the Mac Pro is a possibility, but far from the only one.

    Dual i7s is a technical problem. If you upgrade the chips to be able to do it, you're basically making Xeons again.

    Lack of dual processors would be a loss. Not as big a loss as no tower though.
  23. xgman macrumors 601


    Aug 6, 2007
    True. For all we know all of these reports are sourced from the macrumors speculation threads. Still, I can't help but have a bad feeling about all of this for some reason.
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    Jul 3, 2011
  25. strwrsfrk macrumors regular

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    Indeed, good sir.

    With all the talks of potential form-factor updates, potential Thunderbolt additions, and other overhaul-related speculation, it's surprising to me that this is not the prevailing opinion. It is my fervent hope - and genuine belief, particularly since Apple is bedfellows with such companies as Pixar and Disney - that Apple does not abandon the Pro market. And the Mac Pro as we know it is more-or-less 6 years old at this point.

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