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Coach Bleecker Legacy Tablet Portfolio: Premium Case review


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Apr 6, 2012

(Sorry for not posting pictures, but all of my tables have dark countertops so it would be difficult to show the item clearly since it is dark brown. The photos on the link show the case pretty well). EDIT PICS ADDED BELOW....

A bit of background: I had been searching for a premium leather case that says: "luxury and quality". I am in high-end retail sales and must project an appearance of success at all times, and so I needed a case for meetings that was highly attractive but also very functional.

I was also looking to reduce the need to bring a work briefcase to meetings so the ipad/tablet case would need pockets to hold my business cards, extra pen, stylus, and other small items. I had already purchased a Targus Hughes case for about $20 as a stopgap - a tremendous value but was not going to impress too many people - which had no internal/external pockets besides a slit for a business card.

So after endless searching for about 2 months, and sifting through literally hundreds if not thousands of cases, I found an ideal choice at Coach. While I generally respect their merchandise - my daily briefcase is a Lexington bag from them - I was concerned about product quality as they had moved their assembly overseas a few years ago after being based in the US for decades since the company was founded.

As I understand it, the leather is still tanned outside China but the bags are generally sewn and assembled there. This is a situation that has occurred at other highly-respected formerly US-based leather good makers (Trafalgar, Ghurka, etc.) that had been sold by the founders to a private equity house, large corporations etc., but that's an issue for another day...

The portfolio is online-order only, but this week as I was finalizing my decision whether or not to buy one was fortunate enough to see a returned one in a local Coach retail store and carefully studied it to see if it would fit all of my needs (I was told it was returned as the purchaser received the wrong color).

The sample I viewed was black when I had been likely to purchase the brown version, but regardless was clearly made of a very high quality 2.5 to 3 oz cowhide expertly tanned and stitched, with multiple pockets for my iphone, business cards and other items needed for client meetings. The sheen is perfect, indicating a well-tanned leather with the right odor - Coach still can tan a very good product. The brown is perfect, not too dark as to appear almost black which would not age well as black leather turns gray over time, but a milk chocolate brown that will look great 5 years from now.

When open, the right side contains a sleeve for the ipad that would easily fit an ipad 2 or 3 (and possibly the ipad 1 as well), and I was able to fit my ipad 3 with smart cover on with it being a snug, not tight, fit. This pouch for the ipad includes a very soft suede side facing the ipad glass, so even if you do not have a smart cover, the glass would not be scratched by the leather facing.

2 pouches on the left side include a snap cover on top and a lower pocket containing a zip enclosure and openings on the front and back of it. There is a slide pocket underneath the 2 pouches' layer for papers and another slide pouch on the back of the case.

While certainly priced at the very high end of the case spectrum at $298, when dealing primarily with a clientele like mine a case of this nature is a requirement.

It is a well-made, well-presented case that I'd expect to outlast many generations of ipads. Highly recommended.
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glen e

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Jun 19, 2010
Ft Lauderdale
Great post but you can't lay the case on a white bed sheet....?

I'd rather hear you be straight and say you don't want to post pics or don't know how...Or the link is all that's needed......

"just sayin"


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Apr 6, 2012
Ask, and you shall receive:



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Dec 4, 2010
Ive been looking for the same thing professional and leather. I like that case. Imma look it up because I may put it in my rotation. But I wanted something that was easy to use while it was still attached to the case, cover, and or sleeve. Why? Let's say you are walking with someone and you wanna whip out your ipad to aid in the discussion. Wait, or better yet you are walking to a meeting and you need to verify that your dropbox download of the agenda, meeting related documents or what have you are complete before you walk into a meeting. With that scenario and that sleeve I'd be afraid that I'd drop the ipad.

I'd been considering the Casemate Tuxedo until I saw this number. I think I'm in love with this. It is out but they just recently added the smart cover magnet setup. So that version won't be out for another 2 to 3 weeks :(

I like it because it is sleek, professional, good looking...leather and simple. What I think is Imma get the coach in black (hopefully it comes in black) and use it as the sleeve and get the Pinlo Noir. I know the Pinlo won't fit in the coach though. :(


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Mar 17, 2009
Wash, DC Metro
Very nice, transphasic!

I have a 25% off coupon for Coach and may have to pick this up when I get my new Coach computer bag (either the new bleeker or the crosby commuter bag) this weekend.
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