Cocoa Server-side Web Framework: Ever?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by HiRez, Aug 26, 2007.

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    I love programming in Cocoa/Obj-C, but whenevber I want to program a web app, I find myself forced away from it because it has no server-side web framework, such as Rails, Django, Struts (yuck), PHP, etc. You know, a framework that keeps track of cookies, sessions, URL handling, user authentication, database access, binding page views and controls to objects, etc. Now there used to be WebObjects, which is pretty much what I'm talking about, but Apple has abandoned that. They unfortunately chose Java at the wrong time, as it was declining and showing its bloat and cruft in the face of newer, leaner frameworks that were built from the start with the WWW in mind instead of desktop apps (I count Java here because even though applets were envisioned for browser use, they were still stuck more in the desktop app paradigm). Will WebObjects ever be revived for Objective-C, or will some new framework ever fill the void it left?
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    You can use Python and Ruby with Cocoa, and the bridges that let you do so are going to be built into Leopard, so you can use that.

    Apple might do what you want, but it won't be until at least 10.6 which won't be released for a while.
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    Wow. This framework is completely remarkable. I will definitely have this in mind when I start building my next website.
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    I need a little clarification if I can.

    1. what is the diff between Cocoa and ObjC and ObjC-2
    2. Will snow leopard be intel only

    I don't imagine we would see any web stuff for cocoa until they go intel only.
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    Realizing that the above was posted a couple weeks ago...

    1. Cocoa is an Apple framework, written in Objective C.

    Objective-C is a computer language, irrespective of any frameworks or class libraries written in it. For example, NextStep is written in Objective-C, but is not the same as Cocoa.

    Objective-C 2 is a revision of Objective-C that adds some features to the language.

    2. Yes, Snow Leopard is Intel-only.
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    It was posted a year and a couple weeks ago...
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    Gaah! <sigh>

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