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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by dejo, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Code blocks that normally display scroll-bars, as needed, don't have any such mechanism using Safari on the iPad. See the attached screenshot for a sample:

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    The same problem happens on the iPhone. It appears to be a bug in the mobile version of Safari.

    The vBulletin forum software specifies a fixed-height box with the overflow:auto property, which tells the browser to include a scollbar if the content doesn't fit, and no scrollbar otherwise. But no scrollbar shows up, so the bug seems to be on the browser side, not on the MacRumors side.

    If you copy the code block and paste it into a text application, you'll see all of it, but that makes a lousy workaround. A better workaround is to reply to the post; you'll find the full content in the message area.
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    I was reading on Slashdot today that another person had issues with the iPad and some frames not showing scrollbars. I would have thought that would have been fixed by now.
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    I doubt Apple is going to add scroll bars to inline frames and areas like this when it hasn't been added after all this time.

    A potential fix would be to open a new window when the user taps that area and display the code there. Probably could be done with JavaScript I imagine.
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    I disagree. With the iPhone/iPod touch, most people would dismiss such an error due to it being a "mobile" version of the web, regardless of how much Apple touted it as more than that.
    With the iPad, however, there just is no excuse. This isn't a Flash-like issue. It's a matter of Safari being standards-compliant and rendering HTML code properly.
    They better get working on it, because it's a bug, nothing else.


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