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Apr 12, 2001

Rumors have suggested Apple is working on a services bundle that will offer multiple Apple services like Apple TV+ and Apple Music for one flat monthly rate, and according to 9to5Mac, code found in iOS 13.5.5 seemingly confirms Apple's bundle plans.


Files in iOS 13.5.5 reference a "bundle offer" and a "bundle subscription," and these files weren't in earlier versions of iOS. The files are said to be related to the "management system of Apple's own services subscriptions like Apple News+."

Apple has been rumored to be working on some kind of services bundle since 2018, and most of the rumors have indicated that the company is mulling including Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple News+ in the bundle offering.

Right now, Apple Music is priced at $9.99 per month, Apple TV+ is $4.99 per month, and Apple News+ is $9.99 per month, so a bundle would presumably offer customers a discount while also enticing them to subscribe to all three of Apple's offerings. Apple News+ and Apple TV+ are not as popular as Apple Music, so a bundle could drive growth.

Since late 2019, Apple has been holding discussions with record labels about creating a media content bundle that would include the Apple Music service. At least one record label has voiced concerns, so it's not clear when Apple might be able to secure the deals that will allow it to offer a bundle. A November report from Bloomberg suggested a services bundle could launch as soon as 2020.

Apple in late 2019 experimented with bundling, providing free access to Apple TV+ for students who subscribe to the Apple Music service.

Article Link: Code in iOS 13.5.5 Suggests Apple is Working on Services Bundle


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Jun 22, 2010
I don’t know if the bundle would be for someone like me. I do not like using the Apple News App (Google News is great because it uses your search history as a basis of what content to show you) or Apple Arcade. I am undecided on Apple TV+. However, because production is at a halt, there will not be new content for awhile.
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Aug 30, 2016
Honestly, I am waiting for a bundle of Apple TV+ and Apple Music Family Plan.
Personally, I does not feel it make sense if I subscribe them individually while most of my family members are not using the services most of the time (especially Apple TV+)
iCloud Storage is welcomed to the bundle, I am subscribing 200GB Family Sharing Plan.

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
As their iPhones become indistinguishable and unremarkable from the plague of Androids overtaking the earth- there's gotta be some incentive for people to buy them except for $.99 cent iCloud storage.
The free bundling of their entertainment services (Music, TV, and News) will likely be the deciding factor in the future whether someone wants to reside in iPhone Lamd.


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Mar 15, 2009
I feel like they aren’t going to do this... but iCloud storage needs to be cheaper and included with the purchase of Apple care+. Apple TV+ needs to be dang near free with their current offerings. Apple Arcade and Apple Music is the only other services worth paying for and majority of the people don’t even want Apple Arcade.

Doctor Q

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Sep 19, 2002
Los Angeles
This makes sense for their competition with Amazon Prime.

People who pay for a few Apple services, for a price that's less than the total of the individual services, will be attracted by the idea that they're getting a discount, even if they wouldn't have otherwise subscribed to all of the component services.


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Jun 29, 2010
Orlando, FL
Maybe a pick your bundle, save more or something like that. I'd def. do it. I love the news app, but $10 is a little too much for me. Tried Apple Arcade and it's ok...The one thing I pay religiously for is my iCloud for $10 a month. TV+, have free for a while, but everything for $20? I'd sign up in a heartbeat. Or pick two or three and save I would, since we have all the options here in the US.


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Mar 17, 2015
I wonder how they will handle their customers who already have these services through another promotion. Apple Music is free for most Verizon customers. That is a pretty significant amount of users.

They offer TV+ for an entire year with basically any hardware sale (1st year only;once per account) so I have to imagine they really have to wait that out since it has been a really slow roll out as it is, where it seems most people haven't even really bothered with it until 6 months after it launched. That is anecdotal... but when you hear more people talking about the joke that is Quibi (which launched with 90 days free) over TV+ that can be concerning.

This reminds me of Disney+ their other services (Hulu and ESPN) had been up and running for years and had all of these promotions with various companies, and in order to lock in a good price you would have to start cancelling those services to get the bundle directly through them.

Anyways, TLDR hopefully they adopt an easy way to access this bundled service for customers who already have a subscription.


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Jan 6, 2015
Prices of iCloud storage should fall down to competitive pricing elsewhere. I still find many iOS users don't use beyond the Free 5GB of storage.

This. With devices in the 128-512 gig range, plans of 5, 50, 200, and 2000 gig are beyond silly. You're pretty much forced onto the 2000 gig plan. 5GB for a starter plan was nice 10 years ago. Today with multiple devices 128 gig and up, it's a pathetic joke. With a $1000+ device, they can include more than 5gig of "free" storage.
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