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    Hello all this topic has not been answered recently so I am asking it again I need assistance with setting up the proper certificates, private and public keys in keychain access so that I can create and distribute Apps to the Apple Store.

    I have been developing for a few years but am in now way close to being experienced I came from the PC world so alot of the nuances of the mac was something that I got help getting installed so that I could start producing Apps without really knowing how or why these steps were needed I had a macbook pro and everything was setup on it just fine but it died a quiet death and was replaced by a new macMINI but now I need to get those things set up again.

    The bad news is now Apple has changed how I get all this done so I tried it myself by following the only thing I could find that was close but I am at the stage that I can create an App build and test it on physical devices but it won't allow me to use a provison profile for the Appstore.

    I will break this part up into to sections
    the first part is what I have done to try and resolve this and the second is questions

    The way I understand it is that on a new system in order to be guaranteed that I am the person that is making modification/coding/transfer/editing/whatever, I need a private key like my signature and this is stored on my computer.

    A certificate is like a wrapper around my key allowing me to do certain things like code for iPhone Apps but could be for other things as well such as secure email and such but in this case it is to be used for coding

    Getting this certificate is usually done from the outside source by having it send a request for a designated public which I can send out freely to anyone and when the request comes in with my public key I can match it on my system and a link is made between the certificate and my private key. Now when using this certificate both parties are sure of who I am and it is the key which opens the connectivity to whatever the outside source is.

    Now when it comes to the provisioning profile I need to be associated with outside source so I need to be placed on their team meaning my devices and this is done by adding the devices UDID number's to their active list of devices.

    Now this is where I get a little foggy, how does my UDID number's get associated with my certificate/private key pair.
    As I think it goes
    The certificate/key pair allows for communication
    Being associated with a team is done by my UDID
    but where and how are the two linked together

    I know this is a lot but could you give me a step by step on the creation of these public keys, private keys, request for keys(I think called CSR) and in the order they need to be made in
    I have done this in the past using just key access and the IOS Development tools web pages, now they have thrown xCode into this as well and things I was able to do now I can longer do

    Currently I think there is a something screwed up as when I create a provisioning profile that I need to add to my phone I go to Apple create it but the only options to connect it to is the team so I select the team and everything proceeds just fine, I think.

    When I double click on the profile it adds it to my library of profiles, When I try and drag it to the list of profiles associated with my devices I get a message that says that
    "Jeff Janes iPhone is not included in this profile"

    but when I right click on my phone and select "Add Device to Provisioning Portal" I get a popup which asks me to sign in with my Apple ID I enter the ID and password of the account I want to add it to (the customer) and I get a message that says

    A device with number "gives my UDID number" already exist on this team.

    So on one hand it say I am already there and the other says I am not the difference is one is using the name of my phone and the other is using my UDID

    I really do not know where things are screwed up

    In xcode organizer
    The provisioning profile in the library shows a status of "valid profile"

    In keychain access

    under login
    I have under My Certificates
    I show a certificate with the proper name that says the certificate is valid and it is associated with my private key which say it has a usage of Decrypt, Derive, Sign, Unwrap
    I also show something that says "Jeff Janes's CA" and it has a little x on it and it say root certificate is not trusted it is associated with the same private key as the other certificates.

    under Keys
    it shows my private keys and its association with different certificates -------I do not see one for the customer I am working on
    I see the other public keys one has the exact name of one of my private keys

    under System
    under Certificates I see the
    Apple Code Signing Certificate Authority
    Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority
    Software Signing
    also two more which propbably do not ahve anything to do with this but I will list them and I think are associated with my computer
    They all show as certificate is valid

    I am thinking about starting over from scratch just to make sure there are no conflicts. though I am not sure what I can erase and what I am unable to at this point

    When I go into code signing in xCode to search for a particular provision to use I see a bunch of old provision profiles that are greyed out and several that are still black and current how can I clear those out of xcode so I see only the current ones. I used to be able to go in and delete them but not anymore?

    What are the proper steps to follow when creating these certificates/keys/profiles on my system assuming nothing exists on my system.

    For example something called certificate Sign request (I think) needs to be generated I did that earlier this week but now I can't even remember how to do that part or if it is even need any longer.

    The key points would be where is the action started the data needed and what is done with the result and application being utilized to do it

    refreshing for example is done in the organizer view of xcode devices by clicking the refresh key and the list is updated in the organizer.

    many of things have changed so the latest version should be described

    So I hope some can help me out I thank you very much if you actually made the time to read all of this

    Hopefully you still have enough energy to answer some of it as well
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