Codec Query - AVI, i-products, or - ?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by cosmichobo, Nov 16, 2011.

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    So, let's say I have about 250GB of AVI files, currently duplicated on 2 HDDs, that I want to be able to:

    Watch on my TV (currently connected to a hacked AppleTV Gen1)
    Watch on an iPhone/iPod/etc... (no current solution)
    Access on my Mac (currently doing so via the 2nd copy on external HDD)
    Edit in Final Cut Pro (currently v5.1)

    Ideally I would look to having only 1 copy of the files... and access them remotely - presumably on the TV side of things... I just couldn't get that aspect working on my AppleTV hack...

    I've seen some apps that will supposedly play an AVI on an iPhone... but haven't tried them to see how reliable they are...

    If I REALLY need to, then I'll convert them all to an iPhone happy codec... but - I'm reticent to do this if that format is not then going to play happily with Final Cut... (which currently the AVI format doesn't anyway) and require me to convert them a 2nd time... (typically I convert them to DV for Final Cut)

    I at least have access to my wife's Macbook Pro Core2Duo to do the conversions, or else I'd be here til the Moofs come home... but what do you all do about this?


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