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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Necromalice, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Necromalice macrumors newbie

    Sep 20, 2011
    Hi everyone, I am ,, well not new to coding, I have played around with a few things in my life,, as a hobby, got a bit of addressing experience from the old electronics engineering course, back in the day. I picked up a mac book pro a while ago, and have gone through many tutorials for xcode. I have been playing with 3.2.6 i believe.
    Well to I would like to say its an interesting system and not as bulky, as I was expecting when I started. I have been working on a small app to see if I can do it,,, and I am wondering where is the best place to ask questions regarding Xcode 3.26 and its components.
    I am looking for some help to apply some things I have not fully got together. I am talking on a small scale. Would this be the place to ask questions you cant get on a tutorial or in a book, Or is there a better place for that?
    Thanks in advance for all the help
  2. ArtOfWarfare macrumors G3


    Nov 26, 2007
    Here is fine, stackoverflow tends to be pretty good, too. Other places exist, but I've never had the need to go anywhere besides here and there.
  3. thedollarhunter macrumors member

    May 9, 2011
    Xcode is great fun. Google for 'iPhone Development Fall 2010' for some amazing lecture notes - I think you can download them from the developer programme too?

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