Coil Whine really is loud! New 16”

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Sep 18, 2017
Toronto, Canada
Picked up the 16” tonight, i9. It’s been great except about 5 minutes ago when I started to hit the SSD installing stuff and getting boot camp ready. For a moment I thought Apple accidentally stuck an old Laptop Hard Drive in here... nope... just super loud cool whine! I’ve read the complaints and it wasn’t a deal breaker but yikes is it loud in this one. That sound on old laptops that when the spinning drives don’t stop, yep that’s pretty much constant right now.

Has anyone received a 16” and not noticed it? And if you have/had it did you exchange it and or find it wasn’t present on an exchanged unit. I didn’t expect it to be this loud, especially not on a $3500 computer.


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Sep 18, 2011
You may want to check this thread.

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