Cold Sores

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dukebound85, Jan 4, 2015.

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    How common are these? Do you consider them STDs? or is the stigma what makes people think they are not?

    Random question I know
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    1) Pretty common.

    2) Depends on where the cold sore is, and how infection occurred. There is a distinction drawn between what is called 'herpes' and 'herpes simplex'.

    Stigma and judgemental attitudes also seem to differ depending on where in (on?) the body the cold sore is.

    Cold sores on the mouth - and most children I knew - including myself as s child, seemed to get them - and cold sores in more interesting places usually have come about by different means, although the actual virus itself does not differ all that drastically from one location to another.

    Indeed, as an adult, I came down with a serious dose of shingles a little over a decade ago. In strict biological terms, the shingles virus is also a part of that same family.

    3) The stigma comes from the presumption of sexual activity, and consequent infection. While this happens, many cold sores arise for different reasons.
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    There are two types:

    Herpes 1 is typically the cold sore. Herpes 2 is typical the genital sore. However, since most people actively participate in oral sex, 1 can easily be transmitted to the genitals and 2 to the mouth.

    With that said, there are plenty of medications available to shorten the outbreak. See your family doctor or Google around. Also, over time outbreaks become fewer and less severe as your body learns to fight it off. It will never go away, but it gets better over time.

    Good luck :cool:
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    I get them (mouth) pretty frequently. I finally had enough and went to the doc and got some Valtrex to prevent "outbreaks". Works amazingly as long as I take it in time. I can always feel the cold sore coming, there's a tingling sensation that comes on. I also use Abreva to shorten the outbreak once I get it.

    I used to get them a lot more frequently as a teenager.
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    I get mouth ulcers. Maybe 60 at a time. I only get them once or twice a year. I also get them in other places. Not an STD, but because of a disease called Bechets. When I get a cold or flu, I get them. Just had a bout this Christmas :(

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