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    The specific anticholinergic effects you mentioned of Benadryl and other 1st generation antihistamines are very modest. The level of urinary retention caused by these drugs is nothing like that of something like imipramine. It can affect the peristalsis of the GIT but generally most people don’t experience issues with that. Xerostomia and dry eye can cause problems if prolonged.... But considering a cold usually lasts no more than a week, such side effects are usually considered negligible unless there is a patient specific contraindication. There are some populations where 1st gens are contraindicated (such as the elderly, pregnant, those on certain medications).

    All medications have potential side effects, their benefit should be considered relative to the side effects.
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    Interesting. I think I should have phrased it as it may affect some more than others. Xerostomia or dry mouth is a major issue with me when I use them. I find consuming on a hard candy (such as those cheap Starbrite mints) helps. Though I'd personally opt for a xylitol based hard candy since xylitol helps salivary flow and doesn't feed oral bacteria. Though this won't help a sore throat. I was going to try out using the doxylamine until I noticed it was way out of date and tossed it out.

    I think, as you pointed out to me, and the referral specialists, it's better to restrain the cough while addressing PND be it through medication as mentioned above or lavage, and drink enough fluids to expel matter. Rather than, say, doing nothing to very little and continue coughing until the PND goes away on its own which can take weeks after a cold has finished up. The constant wear and tear on the throat raising risks of a secondary infection due to inflammation and whatnot.

    HVAC or fireplace heat probably contributes to the lengthier illness until outside moisture goes up near spring an the cough disappears.
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    Now you can get an IV that will, um, mitigate the effects of the cold remedy after "sleeping it off". ;)
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    Most people are thinking wrong in this matter, from my perspective.
    Finding the cure, to this and that.
    But sure, it’s a start....

    Health is about building a strong immune system.
    We also do that in different ways depending on who we are.
    Knowing our weak spots and strong sides etc.

    So in summary, as Socrates said: Know thyself.

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