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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bmustaf, Aug 12, 2010.

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    A google and forum search net very very little, which is interesting, but I'm looking for a real-life feedback from owners of the Cole Haan MBP Sleeve.

    It looks really nice and about perfect for what I want (something to protect my MBP that doesn't look like I cut up an old wet-suit). I don't like the InCase Sleeves and the Tumi Neoprene are twice the price of those and look just as cheap (I know a lot of people like the Neoprene look, and that's ok/great, I just don't like it).

    Anyway, it's ridiculously expensive, but for an everyday use piece like this I think I would be OK with paying for quality and function, but I don't like to just rely on Apple's marketing copy to tell me that it is worth $150 or so bucks.

    So, I'd love to hear peoples' experiences with it (if you have one or have hands-on experience with one, if you don't, well, of course you're free to reply and I always like hearing new info, but I have already researched & surmised that this is an upmarket, way too expensive for what-it-is-you-are-paying-for-luxury-and-a-brand item).

    I also have a few specific questions:

    1. Will the "miscellaneous paper" compartment fit an iPad?
    2. What business/credit/ID card pockets are there?
    3. Is there a pen loop?
    4. How much protection does the sleeve offer?

    I want a very minimalist case, usually because I carry any variety of bags/briefcases that aren't computer-specific so they don't have protection (and I don't like buying ones that are computer specific), so hopefully the sleeve offers at least some protection.

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    Bought it, here's what I think...

    It looks like very few people have the Cole Haan Sleeve or have hands-on experience with it. Apple is very good about returns especially on new/unused merchandise, so I ordered it and it showed up today.

    First, I paid for overnight and FedEx misrouted it and it stayed the night in Minneapolis instead of heading on a flight to Denver (well, likely via Grade Lane/Memphis, but I'm splitting hairs here, anyway, it left an Apple warehouse near Minneapolis that night, so this wasn't a good thing).

    FedEx did the right thing and acknowledged their mistake when I called them in the morning, found the package and had it on the next Delta flight out via Delta Dash cargo service and had it to me that afternoon. Very impressed with that level of service. Haven't had that for misrouted overnight packages before, usually you just get the "sorry, tough, we apologize, but nothing we can do" response. I wonder if they are more sensitive to missing SLAs with Apple (Apple tends to be very aggressive on their partners about stuff like this - and in this case it was good for me).

    So, the case. Funny, it is about the size of your MBP, but came in a enormous box. I mean, huge, could have fit at least 10 retail boxed MBPs in it, no joke. It was all air packaging and this small little sleeve in a plastic bag at the bottom of this cavernous box. Funny, maybe they had to make it a certain size for Delta to accept it as cargo (although there was a FedEx airbill on this box, so it appears that this was the original packaging before they had to same-day it to me).

    At any rate, here's what I think of the sleeve.

    The Cole Haan MBP 15" sleeve is really well constructed, made of obviously premium leather and high quality lining, and is a *really* good sleeve in all aspects. That is what it is, it is a sleeve. It can do duty as a portfolio to carry your other papers (even an iPad with your MBP, easily and comfortably!), but it doesn't have a business card carrier/window, pen loop, any cable considerations, etc. That's exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got, so I'm thrilled - but it is important to note that Cole Haan obviously did not set out to create a case. It's a sleeve (and marketed as such, so if that's what you're looking for, this is it!).

    The leather is very high quality, smells like artisan tanned leather (not the mass produced stuff you'd find in cheaper examples). It is soft, supple, and has a great grain and feel. The construction is very high quality with tight, well crafted seams and joints, with a nice almost muslin/canvas hybrid type fabric on the inside. The zipper isn't abrasive and doesn't seem like it will scratch your MBP if pushed up against it. It seems like it is built to last and the leather is the type that will wear/weather very well, especially if taken care of (e.g. kept out of rain, kept relatively clean, and conditioned as any fine leather likes to be every so often).

    The Cole Haan emobssing is subtle and classy. It's not a billboard to show how much you paid for the sleeve or whats inside. There's really very little tip off its a computer in there until you pick it up and its obviously a solid block of Apple Aluminum inside...I am yet to find a legal pad that weighs as much as and is as solid as an MBP :).

    Another requirement I had of this sleeve was that it hold my iPad along with my MBP without bursting at the seams. Check. The iPad can live in the inside or outside pocket designed for miscellaneous items. While it is more snug and fit in the outside pocket, it will stick up a bit. It is completely protected and hidden on the inside pocket, doesn't rub up against the MBP at all, and even when closed, the sleeve has the extra material/room/give to house both without showing signs of being pushed beyond design dimensions.

    The padding is pretty minimalist. Given the leather's natural thickness, heartiness, and durability I'm not at all afraid that my MBP is not protected. Most low end case manufacturers seem to throw "quantity" at the protection equation, the Cole Haan sleeve isn't built to be a bullet-proof case, but they chose some really high density foam to protect the MBP while inside that gives it a really good feel when you're carrying it but also seems like it has the ability to absorb a lot of energy without being really bulky.

    Like I said, this thing does one thing and it does it really, really well: it's an ultra-premium sleeve. As such, t's not cheap. It is *not* a case. It's about as small a sleeve as you could make for an MBP

    I wanted a sleeve to protect my MBP and sometimes my iPad, whether storing them at home, daily commuting/work, or travel - I wanted consistent protection that I could put into whatever bag(s) may be appropriate for the given situation. This fit that bill really well and does it in a very classy way. Now, I can use my full collection of bags for whatever is right for the situation (all the way from casual Timbuk2 riding the bike/motorcycle out to the pub with my MBP to meet my wife for happy hour to the full leather Tumi or Hartmann pieces that are too expensive to keep replacing everytime I get a new laptop).

    Easily my favorite sleeve for an MBP, obviously the economics of a $39.99 neoprene sleeve vs. this $159.99 luxury item play a big role, but I really do wonder why people will spend up to $2800 on an MBP and cheap out and get a neoprene/nylon/cloth sleeve. The MBP is well crafted and the Cole Haan case does it justice.
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    Love Cole Haan but like all luxury items, they are nothing less than solid. Was looking at the messenger bag and was pretty impressed from what I can see. Could be a purchase in the near future.
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    Thanks for your review, I too was surprised that there aren't that many more reviews out there and you were very thorough. I'm considering the sleeve or maybe the case with handles. I'm guessing the sleeve doesn't have enough space on the inside for the power adapter? That's my deciding factor so I'll probably end up going with the roomier case, but they both look great. :)

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