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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by EllieeeB710, Oct 28, 2011.

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    As everyone knows, the Batterygate forum has literally hundreds of posts by iPhone 4S owners seeking a fix for their annoyingly short battery life. :mad: However, it is hard to find suggested fixes within the 70 pages of posts.
    I myself am experiencing problems and I am yet to find a fix that works. This thread is for collecting tips about extending battery life, NOT moaning about your own battery life. This information is what I have collected from reading the forum and may not be accurate or work for you.

    Suggested fixes for iPhone 4S battery life:
    1. Calibrate the battery. Let your battery drain completely to 0% and do a full recharge to 100%. This is said to calibrate the new battery, making the % meter on the phone more accurate. This has worked for some people, but some people have done this multiple times and not succeeded (me included).
    2. 'Set up as new iPhone' in iTunes. Some people are suggesting setting the phone up as a new iPhone in iTunes. This has worked for a few people, however many are reluctant to do this due to the lengthy process and having to lose app data. Some people have also tried this and seen no improvement in battery life, much to their annoyance after losing app data.
    3. Turn off iCloud. iCloud is said to use a lot of battery due to it constantly 'backing up your information'. There is much dispute about this, and many are not happy to turn off iCloud completely due to the 'Find my iPhone' function being turned off. Some are turning off some of the iCloud features e.g. backing up calendars and reminders, however very few are experiencing improved battery life due to this solution.
    4. Reseat the microsim. (This is mainly for people who's iPhone is heating up) It was suggested on one forum that the microsim may not be seated in the phone properly and may be causing the phone to excessively heat up. This actually fixed my problems with the phone heating up but did not fix my battery problems.
    5. Reset network settings. Some people are finding that this works, however you will lose WiFi passwords.
    6. Turn off push mail. This is helping some people, who are switching from push to fetch. Please note, that oddly you need to go into the advanced mail settings to turn push off seperately for each mail account, as this is the only thing that actually turns push off.
    7. Stop worrying and wait for iOS 5.0.1 to fix it. Apple are obviously aware by now that many people are experiencing battery problems with the 4S and will probably release a fix as soon as they can.
    8. Turn off location services you don't need. It has been suggested that turning off the location services you don't need or use has improved battery life for some.
    9. Ask your carrier / go to the Apple Store for a replacement. Some see the problem as so big that they are asking for a replacement 4S. However, from many forum posts I've seen, it is clear that most people who get a replacement phone are seeing the same problem.

    Feel free to post a comment with any other fixes you may have heard of, or anything that worked for you.
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