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Jul 18, 2016
Hey all, my 12" rMB has had so many keyboard problems in the past 8 months that I've owned it, I would like to start hearing other people's experiences. It definitely doesn't seem to be an isolated issue.

I've had 2 keyboard replacements already, and, like I said, the computer is less than a year old... seems absurd, and I'd love to know that I'm not the only one with this issue.


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May 3, 2011
Me too. I've been in many times. For now, everything is OK. But, I don't think I should have had to deal with all of these problems in a relatively expensive, brand new comnputer. It's a little frustrating and has soured the overall experience. If I didn't enjoy the OS so much, and if I didn't think the computer was so great for me (when it's working), I would have sold it long ago. However, will I upgrade? I don't know. Would I recommend it? Maybe, but with caveats -- if you don't live near an Apple store that does repairs, or if you cannot get along for a week or two at a time when it is in the shop, this probably isn't the computer you are looking for.
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