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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by thegivenone, Dec 5, 2010.

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    Dear Macrumors community,

    We are a group of students working together on a project for a New Technology Ventures class. We would very much appreciate your feedback on the following idea:

    linkr is a software-based solution that addresses the issue of lacking integration between internet-connected devices. At the core of linkr is a multi-platform, cloud-based clipboard that allows for easy, instantaneous sharing of images, text clippings and other data between a user’s devices. In our smartphone application, users are able to quickly upload any form of information to a web-based clipboard with a simple upwards flicking gesture. On a computer, data can be “copied” to the clipboard with a simple key command. The system keeps track of multiple clips in a “dashboard” and uses intelligent labelling technology to tag individual clips with timestamp and location-based information.

    We have received very positive feedback on our idea so far and we are continuing to look for specific applications/markets for this service. One possible application might be in the creative design industry (graphic design, interior design etc) where freelance designers often exchange a lot of information with a client. This could be easily achieved through use of a shared linkr clipboard, where the designer could "upload" new ideas, concepts and revised designs to the dashboard which could be viewed by the client at his/her convenience.

    The main advantages of linkr for this application would be:

    1. Multi-platform support. The designer could upload clips, and clients could view clips on any desired device, whether mobile web or desktop based.
    2. A central dashboard that would track the evolution of a design. Both designers and clients could upload content to the dashboard. Individual clips can be commented on and marked with "like" and "dislike" tags.
    3. A simple passcode feature that would allow a designer to share a dashboard, with minimal hassle for the client (no registration or payment process for the client).

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    What are your thoughts on the idea in general?
    And what about its applicability to the freelance design industry?
    Would you be willing to pay a $12 one time fee for the service (add-free, multi platform support, unlimited number of clips)?

    Attached is a concept screenshot of what the linkr dashboad might look like on a desktop platform.

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    From a business perspective - this sounds pretty much like a collaboration program but on the web...
    The problem with this is if you have your own hosting (most companies do) theres plenty of free options out there such as phpcollab and projectpier (I'm giving this a trial run for my business).

    Hosting in house also has privacy benefits which at least in my work using an external site like that would need explicit permission...

    In terms of home user, can't say they'd use it to be honest and if it was to diverge into photo's you have things like ms live, google picassa, deviant art etc to compete with...
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    reminds me of:
    autodesk buzzsaw
    lotuslive engage

    So the question is, what makes me as a potential client choose YOUR solution over something like the ones above? (answering this will help to make you better able to sell your idea)

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