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    It happens quite often that one needs to make lists of something. For example, a list of food items to be bought, a list of papers required for receiving some document, a list of items to bring along to picnic or conference. There is a large number of list variants and, in reality, we make them using a piece of paper and our own brain. However, the sands are running out, so we offer you this application for list making and maintaining. Also, you can mark lists out with different colors using color diagrams.

    1) Making as many lists as you wish with unlimited number of elements
    2) Operations: creation and deletion of entries and the very lists, sorting (several variants, including numerical and text sorting), relocation of entries
    2) Each entry of the list is basic data (on the left) and additional data (on the right) to enter text or numeric data
    3) Color diagrams are also available, so each list can be designed using an individual color diagram. The “Basic” color diagram is used in all active windows as well. The following items can be changed in the diagram: a) background color, b) color, font type, text font size, c) color, font type, font size on the right. You can also modify a color of control items on top and at the bottom

    Dear customers! Currently, this offer serves as a "framework" or "foundation". If you have any ideas of application improvements or any useful functional to be added, please e-mail us at If it is possible, it will be added. Thank you!

    Link in APPSTORE:
    Price: 0.99$

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