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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by trjwv, Mar 11, 2011.

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    I was wondering what works great for calibrating an iMac? I have used the i1 display 2 from x-rite and was wondering who has had good sucess with it. to me it seems to automatically adjust everything and you do not have to do anything manually. I still thing the screen brightness is too bright. Does it not change this setting? Also is the x-rite color munki better? I am using the 27" iMac and the epson 4900 pro stylus printer. I have found an internal color calibration tool in system preferences on the iMac. Anyone ever used this?
    I am trying to get to WYSIWYG when printing from my iMac to my epson 4900 printer.
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    You don't calibrate your iMac, you calibrate your workflow--scanner, monitor, printer. The result is a ColorSync profile for each element of your workflow. The Displays preference pane allows you to manually calibrate your monitor. However, I have never be able to improve upon my current settings with this.

    My recommendation: If you want to calibrate, then get a calibration kit and do the job properly. Otherwise, forget about it.
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    I do want to do the job properly, hence me starting this thread. I am inquiring about which calibration kit works best. I have used the i1 display 2 and it seems to me to automatically calibrate. I was wondering if this is right. I am using the icc profiles for my epson 4900 and the epson media I am using but also want to get my screen correctly profiled in my workflow.
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    re: color management for imac

    The x-rite colormunki photo allows you to calibrate your monitors, projectors, and printers. It is a bit pricey, however you can receive a $50 rebate and a color checker free from x-rite now.

    I have seen the colormunki photo priced at $499, but B & H and Amazon have it for $449.

    I supplied the links below.

    Colormunki Photo

    $50 rebate form

    Free color checker digital camera profiler tool

    Training videos

    B & H Photo $449

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